Friday, December 16, 2011

Because it's the season

I never get tired of watching this video.  Most of my readers have probably seen it; I've shared it here on my blog, and also on Facebook, more than once.
Perhaps you didn't know that the little boy getting all the attention is Ernie's son, Brion, who died in 2008 at the age of fifty-six.
Ernie was much loved.  He had a great variety show on television; he ended every episode with a hymn.  Big shots at the TV station didn't want him to do this, but he insisted that was something people liked, and he stood his ground.  The closing hymn became one of the most popular features of the show. Ernie recorded several albums of hymns.
I'm sure I'm not the only person who thought Ernie was a wonderful Christian man, but his son Jeffrey Buckner Ford says in his book that they never darkened the door of a church when he was growing up; they didn't say grace at the table.  They were not a religious family in any sense of the word.
Jeffrey's book shattered several of my illusions about Ernie.  
However, when I watch this video or any others that feature Ernie Ford, I can't help but love him.  His TV persona was a great guy, no matter what he like in real life.  When I think about Ernie, I'm taken back to a simpler, happier time.

For a brief history of Ernie Ford, click HERE.


darev2005 said...

It's all about your memories of the man, no matter what anybody said afterwards. He made you happy and that's what counts.

Mo Rage said...

I can't think of anyone, with the possible exception of Andy Griffith, who came across on television as more genuine, sincere, warm and empathetic as Tennessee Ernie, you're right. So what if he wasn't into formal religious practices or churches or organizations. As I've often said, God doesn't belong to a religion--and that goes both ways.


He was a GOOD guy. Seemed genuine. His hymns kept him in good favor with the Lord. He didn't need to go to a church or say grace. Loved this look back at one of early TV's icons. Take care.

Jon said...

I've never seen the first video but I remember the second one, with Lucy. Thanks for sharing them!