Wednesday, December 07, 2011

Another visit to the State Capitol

The cold weather is already giving me cabin fever, so I talked Cliff into taking me away... to Jefferson City.  We didn't get done with our last tour because we had a date with a prison guard.  I packed some ham-and-cheese sandwiches, a couple of pieces of lemon cake, some carrot sticks and apples, and a thermos of coffee, and we were set.  
On the third floor, we had planned to look at some Thomas Hart Benton paintings in the House of Representatives chamber someplace.  A lady at the desk on the first floor, where we entered, had circled an area where the paintings were supposed to be.  She said we just had to see these paintings.  Well, we like Thomas Hart Benton stuff, so it sounded good to us.

But when we got up there, we saw this sign.  

So we were standing on our tippy-toes trying to get a glimpse of the place when this really tall fellow in a suit walked up to us and asked, "Would you like to go in there?"
Meet State Representative Brent Lasater.  He's the only politician we saw wandering around the place all day.  He's practically our neighbor, since his district stops at Buckner, just a few miles down the road from us.  He was proud to tell us that he was responsible for introducing a bill that made it all the way through the necessary process to make April "Child Abuse Prevention Month". 
Since we were there, I took some pictures, although we never did see whatever it was the lady at the front desk wanted us to see. 

The State Capitol is beautiful, inside and out.  Pictures don't do it justice.  

So that's how we spent this cold wintry day.


Tipper said...

Lovely capitol building-and a great way to spend a cold day : )

(glad you're enjoying summer wages)


Rubbing elbows with politicians is always fun, even though you weren't intending too. LOL It must be the history and architecture but I've never seen a State Capitol that wasn't beautiful. Just something about them makes your insides stir. Take care.

patsy said...

I don't know how many times I have looked at the photo at the top of your page and thought what a nice woods but I only saw the "person" peeking out behind the tree yesterdayI think I spy you.

Mrs. L said...

Aren't those horses actually mules?

Donna said...

Mrs. L, you probably meant this for a later entry about the WWI memorial, in which case, yes. They are mules.