Saturday, April 24, 2010

What a day!

First off, it rained all day.  We went ahead with the barbecue as planned, but it would have been more fun with warm, sunny, dry weather.  
Cliff, Joanna, and I headed to our friends' vineyard/winery this morning to eat a pancake breakfast; it was for a good cause, and I wanted Joanna to see the beautiful location of the vineyard.   We picked up granddaughter Monica on the way.
 Here we ladies are after coming out of the building where we ate a hearty breakfast.  With the permission of the owners, we took Joanna on a quick tour of the building where the wine is made and bottled.  

I knew local bloggie buddy Clarissa (who doesn't blog much any more)  and her mom had planned to come and hunt for morels, but since it was raining steadily, I didn't expect them.

Clarissa showed up without her mom.  Not only that, but she hunted morels in the rain for at least an hour and a half.  She found two morels, which I would have found disheartening.  Not her!  She hopes to return tomorrow with her mom.  She pronounced our place "beautiful".  Yes, her two mushrooms are in that bag.  And yes, she is SOAKING wet.  But happy.  

Friends from Kansas showed up; Don and Cliff have a great rapport, partly because they both love tractors.  But mainly because they're both nice guys. 

Kevin barbecued.  In the rain.  

Visiting friend Joanna and I took pictures.

You know you're a redneck when you entertain your guests in your husband's shop. 

 Eventually we women got cold and went to the house.  We got pretty damp getting here, which made us colder still.   So we bundled up in afghans and blankies.  The three of us met in a chat room, years ago.  No wonder we're such a bunch of nuts. 
So, in spite of the rain, we had a great day.  Thanks to my daughter and her husband who did a HUGE share of the work involved in today's feast.  
Tomorrow morning Joanna heads back home.  What a short visit it's been.


Mrs. L said...

Good Redneck joke!!!

madcobug said...

Well it appears that you enjoyed being together. It rained all day here also and is still raining. Good luck finding more mushrooms on Sun. Helen

Julia said...

That winery - is it the one in the old church? David and went to one years agp (I cannot remember the name of it but we still have the mead we bought there). We ate in a beautful restaurant that was in an old antebellum house.

m.v. said...

So "mother-in-law" of you - make Kevin BBQ in the rain.

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

It's great you had a good time even in the rain!

Barbara said...

Some of the best parties ever are in someone's shop!