Monday, April 19, 2010

Fledgling house finches

I absolutely love house finches.  There are hundreds of them around here, I'm sure; but they get along so well with other birds that I have no reason to dislike them.  I understand they were originally taken to New York to be sold as caged birds, and were eventually turned loose; once set free, they proliferated.  I found that information HERE.  
I don't know where the little creatures nest around here, but it must be close; I keep finding fledglings in my back yard.  Today I went out to fill my birdbath.  As I approached, I noticed a house finch perched on the edge; even when I was a mere three feet away, he stayed there.  I sat my bucket of water down, reached out my hand, and made him perch on my finger.  I then transported him to the bird feeder so I could refresh the water in the birdbath.  When I was done, I got him on my finger and returned him to the edge of the birdbath.  
"Whoa," I whispered.  "I have to get a picture of that little bird on my finger."  
Of course, once I went out with the camera, he wasn't so friendly.  
A while ago, though, I looked out my computer room window and saw Sadie pawing at something in the grass.  Looking closer, I realized it was another fledgling and shouted "No!!!!"  
I got the camera, ran outside, and finally rescued the little fellow.  And I got my picture!  (Click to make it larger.)  

He figured out how to fly shortly after I took his picture, and got himself to a safe place.  Of course I gave Sadie a treat for turning him loose.  


I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

That is amazing! I've never seen one do that and we have lots of finches around our house too. Glad you rescued that little fellow.

Hyperblogal said...

You're a very good person.

Jefftexas said...

Whew! Glad you saved the little one! My barn swallows are back building their mud nests under my front porch. This is year 7 for me and while I'm pretty sure it isn't the same adults-they show no fear of me or Rick-but anyone else and they fly!

Pat said...

Donna..have you seen in hummingbirds out your way yet? I usually see them around the middle of April, but so far I haven't had any.

Donna said...

The bird was just very young and slow; that's why I could handle him. Pat, I have put one feeder out, but so far haven't seen a hummingbird at it. It's still early.

Leilani Lee said...

Excellent! that you didn't have to try to keep it alive. I made the mistake several times of feeding baby birds. What a chore! Must figure out how to block apps and games on Facebook. They are driving me NUTS. I now totally avoid my Facebook page because of it.

Lindie said...

I bought some natural sugar today for my hummingbird feeders. they seemed to like it last year. That little finch is very nice!