Monday, April 19, 2010

Sadie, and Frustration with Medicare enrollment

First of all, let me tell you about Sadie's recent problem:  She has been her usual active self, but for more than a week she's been vomiting violently.  It seems as though she was doing it more and more each day.  Nine times out of ten, it would be phlegm, but sometimes there was actual food involved.  I cleaned up four vomit-spots on the rugs yesterday.  As soon as she was done upchucking, she was ready to go for a walk or play Frisbee.  Mighty peculiar.  Since she seemed otherwise healthy, I kept waiting to see if she would get better on her own.  
Today we finally took her to the vet, who felt her throat, , opened her mouth wide and looked in, took her temperature, and pronounced her healthy.  He thinks she has scratched her trachea, or perhaps has an infection somewhere in her respiratory system, that's making her cough and gag.  So he gave her a shot to keep her from vomiting, just in case; and antibiotics for any infection she might have.  Oh, and that will be $100, please.  I also had him give Sadie a kennel cough shot so if we go on vacation for any length of time, we could board her there.   
The head vet at Oak Grove Animal Clinic was out front as I was paying my bill.  Cliff and I were among his first customers, back around 1970.  One time we had him repair an umbilical hernia on a Holstein calf I was bottle-feeding.  Cliff and I held the calf down on the office floor, and Doc Findley stitched him up.  We were all such kids then.  
Anyhow, Doc greeted me  with, "Well hello, Donna; how are you?  Do you still milk those Jersey cows?"  
Good grief, I haven't seen the man for at least twenty years, and he remembers me that well?  Of course I told him about my years of not milking, and how I missed the little Jerseys so much I got Bonnie.    

Now, on to my rant.  Cliff will be 65 in June.  He doesn't want to sign up for social security yet, but as we understand it, he has to sign up for Medicare by age 65.  I am so confused, and I just want to talk to a real person, not a robot on the other end; I tried dealing with the robot lady, but she kept getting the social security number wrong when she repeated it back to me.  I have tried vainly all morning to accomplish this, and gotten nowhere.  It's so confusing!  He could apply for Social Security online, but that isn't what he needs.  And I'm not sure whether he's supposed to get Medicare A or D or what; he has good insurance where he works, so he doesn't need any of it.  I even tried calling a local social security office, figuring I could talk to someone there who would answer my questions.  Nope.  The phone rang and rang every time I called it, and nobody answered.  


madcobug said...

Maybe if you tried saying representative over and over you would finally get someone. Ken does that with other voice things and finally gets someone. I hope you get through soon.
I hope Sadie will be better soon. That was strange the man remembered you from twenty years ago milking your Jersey. He has so many patients it's a wonder he remembered. Helen

Penny said...

Medicare line is open 24 hours a day to help you. Try not to call early in the week. Afternoon and evening are good times to call. By law his insurance must bill medicare first, then pay the rest. You need to find out what his insurance will cover before paying for Medicare part D which is the prescription part. Parts A & B are hospital and doctor. It can be very frustrating, but don't give up. I'll be praying that you get this sorted soon. Blessings, Penny

Amy said...

When we call our SS office, the phone just rings and rings there, too! On the odd occasion that someone answers the phone, they always say "Can I put you on hold?" - I always yell "No!" - 'cause I KNOW I'll get put on hold and then mysteriously disconnected.

Diane@Diane's Place said...

Nobody EVER answers the phone at our local SS office. We've learned that if we have questions or urgent business to get there when they open of a morning and try to be first in line to talk to a live person. We just skip phoning because it's a waste of time. Even if someone answers, it's only a computerized voice telling you all representatives are busy and giving you a menu of options that just make you madder because none of the options apply to you. :-/

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

Yes, you do have to sign up for medicare not social security. I signed up on the phone for medicare with no problem. My medical insurance said that when I was 65 I had to take out medicare and then supplemental insurance with them. I had to pay the 110 dollars a month out of pocket for medicare til my social security check kicked in. Now it should come out of what I get for social sec. I didn't have a problem calling them at. Good luck.

m.v. said...

try to speak to the robot with my accent,you'll know that you've got it good :-).
check out this list, medicare is there.

Lindie said...

That's going to be a concern of mine too in October. I have had Tricare insurance since we retired from the military but I understand I lose that when I reach 65. I'm not retiring either but am self employed so have no other insurance. Keep us informed! ;)