Thursday, April 29, 2010

I guess hummingbirds remember

Yes, hummingbirds remember, even though I, a simple human, do NOT remember where I put my biggest and best hummingbird feeder when I was done with it last year.  
Last weekend when Joanna and Boo and I were visiting in my living room, we witnessed one of my early hummingbird arrivals.  
Ever since last week when I saw my first hummer, I have been looking in vain for two of my feeders.  My MAIN feeders.  Good grief, where would I have put them, and why didn't I put them in the garage with the other two?  
Anyway.  Today I glanced out toward the front porch and saw a hummingbird circling the spot where I had my best feeder last year.  There was no feeder there, but he was circling as though he was looking for it.
He surely must be a return visitor; otherwise, why would he even be looking for nectar in that spot?  
I hunted up a substitute feeder to hang in that spot, and he and his buddies are already fighting over it.


madcobug said...

Good for you feeding those hummers. helen


Amazing... that the bird remembered where the feeder was from last year. Glad you put a subsitute feeder in it's place. I LOVE hummingbirds. They're beautiful.