Monday, April 05, 2010

The closing of a blog

No, not mine.  You won't get rid of me that easily.  
A blog I've read for some time has had all the archives removed; there is only a short and simple goodbye post.  I didn't bother to comment, since this person deleted the last comment I made there.  
She didn't bother to say why she's closing her blog, but I have some ideas:  When your very public blog becomes controversial and you and your husband live and work in a small rural town, there are going to be repercussions.  Business starts falling off; the kids start taking flak at school... that sort of thing.  
I have a feeling this person will resurface with a new blog, but one in which she remains anonymous.  She won't be using her own real-life name, nor those of her children.  She probably won't even talk about the state in which she lives.  But she has things to say, and I don't think she will want to keep all these ideas to herself for very long.   
I know at least a couple of my readers follow the blog I'm talking about.  And that's all I'm going to say about that.


Sonya said...

Well, I know the feeling. I'm wondering if it is one of my blogger friends. I've not noticed anything like that this morning.

Donna said...

No Sonya, I'm fairly sure it isn't one of your friends.

Joyful Days said...

Got me with that title!!

I'm always sad when things get out of hand on blogs and people feel they need to close them. One part of my blogging hiatus was due to a couple family members and a certain group of acquaintances finding my blog.

Sorry for your blogging buddy. Glad you aren't leaving us!

Anonymous said...

Dee from Tennesse

I'm home today from work with some health issues so I've been on the couch browsing and - yep -- I saw the blog announcement. I had thought about her (and her family) during this special weekend of Easter and hope. And had wondered. I hadn't commented on her blog cause I knew nothing I could say would change her mind.

And I think you've hit the nail on the head with your observations.

alphawoman said...

It's a thin line we walk. Sometimes I wonder about people like Pioneer Woman. How do they do it? I always keep the name of my home town a secret. Once I began telling stories about my experiences in college (a state one) and had many comments. Kind of scary how easy it is to be found. I'll stick to Facebook for that1 lol.

Anonymous said...

Dee from Tennessee

Donna, when I said that I wouldn't be able to change someone's mind -- I was referring to all the hoopla that's going been on there as of late - not for the decision to close the blog. It may be well appropriate to close her blog. (And I fully realize that everyone has the right to make a choice and it's none of my business what this person has decided --- but, to keep it honest on my part, it sincerely has grieved me for all the turmoil that has been happening. I've seen how upset and troubled some family members have expressed in the comments and my heart aches for them. Aches for her mother esp. )

GEEZ, this is clear as mud. LOL
Hopefully, you can overlook me and just say....poor ole Dee, she
s "getting up there in years, bless her heart." LOL

Again, your observations -- I agree 100%.

Donna said...

Alpha, Ree has plenty of money; and plenty of privacy, I imagine, on the ranch. She has resources. And her kids are home-schooled, so they're not put "out there" where others could take out their frustrations and jealousy on them.
Dee, I knew exactly what you meant the first time, honest. I guess I should be honored that she deleted my comment that time, since she told her readers, "I've only deleted one comment, and that's because she drives me bat-sh*t crazy.
Aren't I special?

Lindie said...

I saw that announcement and wished her well. I don't have a problem with her belifs, everyone is entitled to them. But I did not like that she was forcing them on her family. Just because you are a doctor does not make you an atheist and her children should be allowed to grow up and make their own decision. I did not like her griping about Ree and told her so.

Donna said...

Lindie, that's pretty much how I felt. And I really felt she was wrong in making that little boy that came to her door listen to her beliefs. She could have told them she wasn't interested in their religion. That's what I usually say to Jehovah Witnesses... "I'm not interested."

Toni said...

Dang, I miss ALL the fun.
Just KIDDING (don't mean to get any knickers in a twist.) ;)

And she said that spunky Ms. Donna drove her batsh%t crazy? Okay, first I giggle because it's such a silly comment. And then I figure her loss because Ms. Donna is a GEM, people. Straight up.

(0h, and my grandma, if she had lived to see the days of blogging, would have said to you, "Don't give her rudeness a second thought. There's always more trash on the dump." Yeah, that was her version of "more fish in the sea", lol.)

Melissa said...

Well darn! I wish I had followed this particular blog (sounds like a soap opera!). And I agree, Donna, anyone that would call you names has a major problem!

Anonymous said...

Dee from Tennessee

I had forgotten that she had deleted your comment! And I agree about the blatant disrespect to Ree -- I STILL don't get that. I've thought about her sister a lot regarding all this. I think her site (the sis) is still linked as one of Ree's favs. Has to be a tad awkward. Oh, goes on. On another note, Love the pics of the birds. I didn't get my hummingbird feeder out last yr but I plan to this year. Even with my yuk allergies, I'll sit on out tiny backporch just to watch them.