Monday, April 26, 2010

Here we go again

After Sadie visited the vet a week ago, she made wonderful progress.  Her appetite still wasn't normal; she only ate about three cups of Science Diet from Monday to Friday... but her vomiting stopped and she seemed her old self.  And she was starting to eat more.  
Saturday we had a barbecue here, and Sadie was fed some pork bones.
Don't even ask what I think about that.  She hadn't fully recovered, for heaven's sake!  Plus, pork bones have made her sick in the past.  
So now we're back to her vomiting a substance that looks like egg whites, (and that's what it's like to clean up, too).  I fixed some rice with a little chicken broth this morning and she ate it with relish.  It stayed down less than two hours.  Her dissolved antibiotic pill came up with the rice.  Last week Sadie would vomit, then afterward be energetic and playful.  Today she is somewhat lethargic. 
She will eat all the rice and chicken I give her as though she's starved, but of course I'm not giving her a lot for fear too much would make her sick again.  
We sunk $100 in her last week; shall I risk another trip to the vet that will cost at least that much?  
Or shall I wait it out another couple of days and, if she gets no better, have Cliff take care of the problem here at home?  
Probably, if she's no better in the morning, we'll see the vet once more.  He will want to run costly tests.  We have the money to do this, but there is a limit to what we will spend.  No need to test for cancer, for instance, because we wouldn't pay for chemo and radiation for a dog.  Even one I love.  
I am so depressed.


Anonymous said...

hey donna, glad i stopped by.
within the past year , scooby doo has had similar problems, vet said rice like sadie, but with ground beef , the key factor was many small meals a day at first, with a 4 to 1 ratio of mostly rice to beef, then to "gradually" lessen the times of feedings and only at three weeks to start the weaning off of the rice by slowly adding the dog chow to the rice. it's not a quick fix

hope this helps

madcobug said...

Pork always made any dog we ever had sick. To much grease. I hope Sadie gets better soon. Maybe tell people not to feed her when when they come over for a cookout. Helen

Marlene said...

I saw your mention on FB about Sadie, so I popped right over here to see what was going on. Gosh, I hope she will be ok. I know she is special to you. Even I am attached to poor ole Sadie. She's a good dog!

Kelly said...

I don't give any bones to Tip anymore. When we would go out to eat I would bring back baby back rib bones and give her a few, but she would throw them up, and it was such a mess, would make her sick too. Folks shouldn't assume its okay to feed someone else's dog like that, but its done now. I know Tip can get sick if left to her own devices and sneaking horse poop. Do you think Sadie might have gotten into cow or horse poop? Just hasnt been too long, so maybe it will work its way out. Be firm with the vet when you go and let them know that you need to know what it is this time, because it could mean the difference in whether she lives or not. When you took her to the vet the first time what did they say? Thinking of you and wishing things to get better XOXO


I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

I know it has to be a worry for you having her feel so bad. I'd make the trip to the vet if she's not better tomorrow.

Astaryth said...

If Morgan gets anything odd in her diet (things like horse hooves which she loves for instance or another favorite is to stand and wait for the horses to drop sweetfeed), she will do the throw up thing... sometimes for a couple of days. Could Sadie be getting something like that? Hope she is feeling better quickly. It's hard when they can't tell you what exactly hurts. :(

Pat said...

I wonder if she would lap some buttermilk or yogurt to help her nausea?
Vet bills are worse than taking a child to the Dr. and the medicine is outrageous.
We had a greyhound one time we fed BBQ beef to and she was sick for 2 days.
Good luck with her and keep us posted.


A few years back, I had a cat die after eating a tiny piece of ham. Will be thinking of Sadie and hoping she gets better soon.