Monday, April 05, 2010

Enjoying the birds

Why do they call them "red-bellied woodpeckers" when their bellies aren't red?

There's a female cardinal at the feeder with the house finches, and a male cardinal on the ground.


Average Jane said...

I thought they were called "red-headed woodpeckers."

Donna said...

Jane, go to google and type in "red-bellied woodpecker" and go to the images. Not a red belly in the lot!

Anonymous said...


Ms Martyr said...

I am so jealous of all the green grass you have already. We have a couple of months to go here before we see it.
Do you get robins at your bird feeder or just see them on the grass?
Not really surprised at the other blogger's decision to stop blogging. I wonder that she just didn't close comments but keep on writing.

Donna said...

Robins aren't seed eaters, so they don't patronize the feeder. They do love the bird-bath, however, and it's great fun to watch them bathe.
I'm thinking that blogger was messing up some relatives' lives, and possibly causing her husband to lose customers in his practice. She had been getting into local school politics, too; and since everybody in town had access to her blog, this may have affected her kids. It reminds me to try and stay away from controversy.

Toni said...

The red-headed woodpecker has a TOTALLY red head. And if you could see the chest straight on, you might notice a pink tinge to part of it, thus the "red belly." It's only a slight tinge, and not easy to spot. Like this;
Courtesy of my bird-fanatic brother.