Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Everything is fine and dandy

I did indeed call Social Security one last time; turns out I didn't answer the question wrong after all, so now all we have to do is wait for mail from Social Security or Medicare; we'll have to send them Cliff's birth certificate, which they'll return.  And life can go on normally.
By the way, there is a Medicare line to call.  The trouble is, you have to be enrolled first and have a Medicare number before you can get through to someone.  So that's why we initially had to go to Social Security.  
The last couple of calls I made weren't so bad, because I knew what to expect and which parts to tune out.  All of the real people I spoke with were very nice, so I have no complaints there.   
Maybe somebody learned something from my experience.  If nothing else, you know what to expect when you call the Social Security phone number.  Above all else, do not call on Monday or at the first of the month; but the robot tells you that at the beginning of her speech.


Ms Martyr said...

Situations like this brings out the martyr in me. Why couldn't my husband do this himself? He'd have to if I wasn't here, etc. I get especially grumpy when I'm told I did it wrong. That's when I hand him the reins and say, "Do it yourself."

Lisa said...

My mom just went on ss after she retired. Her name didn't match the original ss card so it was a nightmare! You need a great deal of patience to deal with them.

Donna said...

Mrs. Martyr, Cliff does have an excuse: he is hearing-impaired, and really has trouble hearing people on the telephone. And when I thought I had made a mistake enrolling him online, I DID say, "Maybe you should have done it yourself."

Taking Heart said...

Thanks for your comment regarding Spark People! I hope I like it.

I am not sure how I did not know about J-Landers hanging around on blogspot. I miss the cozy J-Land... I miss Mary (frankandmary)... not sure where she went.

Have a great week!