Friday, April 16, 2010

Telephone dilemma

Anyone who knows me very well knows I don't like to talk on the telephone.  If our home phone rings, it's usually for Cliff, not me.  My cell phone seldom rings because I forget to keep it with me; often when it does ring, I run through the house trying to locate it, and the caller gives up before I can find it.  Most folks figure it's a waste of time to call my cell phone; I'm not likely to answer it.
Cliff's youngest sister, who lives in St. Louis, usually calls on Thursday nights just to check in .  Even though I don't always hold up my end of the conversation very well, I do look forward to her weekly calls.  
Yesterday Cliff bought a pickup load of river sand which he's going to dry, sift, and use for sandblasting.  He spread some out on his shop floor, and some on the floor of the garage his sister, Rena, parks her car in.  I happened to be looking out the window when Rena arrived home, and I saw that she didn't pull in the garage, but parked out front of it.  I immediately knew what the problem was:  She was unsure whether she should drive in on the sand.  I grabbed the cordless phone and took it over beside my chair, sure she'd call and ask what was going on.  I didn't want to call her because after a long drive home from work, I figured she needed a little time to take her dog out to potty, and perhaps use the facilites herself.  
Well, she didn't call just then; but about fifteen minutes later, Charlene called my cell phone; time for our weekly chat.  At exactly the same time, the home phone rang.  I looked from one phone to the other and finally made a decision to answer my cell phone and tell Charlene to hang on a second.  
By the time I did this, the home phone stopped ringing.  But I looked to see who the caller was.  It was Cliff's sister, the one I'd been expecting to call ten minutes earlier.  Oh well, I'd call her back when I was done with Charlene.  
Perhaps five more minutes went by before the home phone began to ring again, only this time I saw it wasn't Rena; it was a neighbor down the road who probably just wanted to know if I've found any morel mushrooms.  So I ignored that call, which wasn't easy, trying to concentrate and talk to Charlene with the $%&@^# phone ringing.   
Finally the ringing stopped, but the silence wasn't to last.  Within three or four minutes it was started again; this time it was Rena calling.
"I'm going to have to let you go and answer the phone," I told Charlene.  "It's Rena, and I'm pretty sure I know what she wants."  

Indeed, Rena only wanted to know she whether could pull into the garage, just as I had suspected.  
Even though I called Charlene back, our weekly call was pretty much ruined, what with not being able to concentrate, plus all the interruptions.  Oh well, maybe next week will be better.  
I tried to return the missed call from my neighbor, but by then she was gone.  
Is it any wonder I hate telephones?  


Anonymous said...

a great invention the telephone...and in the past I have abused the use of was my best friend LOLOL...nowaday...not so much...but I don't think I am missing much as I have my computer and anyone I would talk with has one too...communications abound!!! Now the Cell Phone...don't get me started...but good news on the home front...our KY govenor signed a bill yesterday...making texting and talking on a cell phone while driving is against the law!!! for a while only warnings will be given...after that it will be a $75.00 fine....I must check this out further to make sure of my info...happy day to you and Cliff...hugs...Ora in KY

Hollie said...

LOL I know what you mean. I HATE the phones! I don't answer unless I know I JUST HAVE to. UGH Hubby gets soooooooooo aggravated with me because he gets tired of always answering the phone. LOL

Hollie said...


I bought me a Pioneer Woman cookbook & just loooooove it! You were the first person I heard talking about her & the cookbook. Thanks for that!

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

I love my cell phone as it goes with me wherever I go. I bought a clip on holder for it so it's always on the waste of my pants now. I gave up the home phone as I don't need two phones. The one I have rarely rings but it's good to know I'm connected where ever I go. I'm sitting here in my camper now and am connected to my internet too. Had to take a break from all the loading and unloading. Soon I'll start cleaning. My two mouse traps had two mice in I guess I did have visitors over the winter.

madcobug said...

I hate it when phones do that. Helen

Fernan said...

Frieda and I both had to hang onto our chairs arms, so filled with laughter. Glory be Lady you've made our day's'. How can I tell? My tear ducts have been truly cleared....sniff.


Ms Martyr said...

I have a cell phone for emergencies. I never turn it on but do give the number out to people I don't want to hear from. We don't have caller ID but usually let the voice mail catch our calls and then call back those we want to speak to. I only answer when I'm expecting a specific call.


I NEVER answer the house phone, unless it's my husband calling and I seldom answer my cell phone either. But I feel safer having it with me, just in case.

Pat said...

This isn't about phones, but Donna, have you heard from Tango? She hasn't posted in 8 days. Sure enjoy her blog. Hope she is okay.

Donna said...

Pat, I haven't. But I went to her blog and left a complaining comment about no new posts. We'll see if that gets her attention.

Jefftexas said...

My phone at work has been like that for 2 weeks! My phone at home seems to start ringing when I'm in the middle of a movie or sitting down to dinner!