Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Vacuum sweepers

They all suck.  Some more than others.  
I saw this article on AOL about vacuums; the article itself isn't so interesting as the comments.  I learned a lot from the comment section.   I found out that many people hate their Dysons.
Now, bear in mind I have a Dyson, and have loved it for, I believe, three years now; this is good, since I paid a lot for it.  However, I probably wouldn't buy another one, especially after reading these comments.  
Here's the comment that did it for me, from a man who owns a vacuum shop and has worked on all makes and models... keep in mind this is not the actual article, but a comment left in response to the article:  

"I  own and operate a vacuum shop. I repair ALL brands, so when I give my advice it comes from actual firsthand knowledge.

ANY BAGLESS SWEEPER, INCLUDING DYSON, IS A POOR DESIGN AND WILL SUFFER FROM SUCTION PROBLEMS AND PREMATURE MOTOR FAILURE. It doesn't matter if you paid $50, or $500, bagless is a poor design. Bagless sweepers are NOT A SOLUTION FOR THOSE WHO SUFFER FROM ALLERGIES. They clog almost immediately and the debris, looking for a path of least resistance, blows out of every available crack. I actually charge extra to work on bagless sweepers due to the increased health risk to myself and my employees and the need for extra cleanup...They're just plain gross. When a Dyson comes in for service, the complaint is invariably the same, "It isn't sucking like it used to". Don't be fooled by the clever marketing, or the Brittish accent,...Dyson vacs are completely reliant on filtration.
Also note; Dyson is notorious for having insufficient parts supplies. Depending on what it is, I sometimes wait months for certain Dyson parts.

ANY vac that has the name DIRT DEVIL on it, particularly Bagless models like the one above, are absolute junk. Buy one today and you'll be shopping for another before the year is out.

Electrolux is made by Eureka, which is owned by Electrolux. When you purchase an Electrolux, you are buying a Eureka at double the price...This is a no-brainer.

Hoover products are still good, so long as they aren't bagless.

Kirby makes a solid vac...VERY SOLID, and heavy to boot. I love Kirby customers, because they've already paid through the nose for their vac and therefore don't mind paying me to repair it. I get Kirby vac in for repair daily. Lots of shattered fans and fired switches. Both parts and labor are expensive, so bear that in mind. Bags for the Kirby are also pricey.

For my money, the very most dependable vacs that I sell are Panasonic and Simplicity(the latter is Made In USA). I have sold Panasonic for over 20 years and during that time I have had only 3 warranty failures. That tells it all. Simplicity's 8lb Freedom Upright Series beats the tar out of Oreck, hands down, with 40% more suction and much more durable construction than Oreck. Oreck's reputation is solely due to the enormous amounts of money that Oreck throws into its ad campaign. Oreck sweepers are extremely fragile and easily broken under normal use.

Also, it is a good practice to avoid any vacuum cleaner that seems to have a lot of electronic gadgets/switches/displays. These involve fragile circuit boards that are easily fried by power surges and coming into contact with debris...Simple is better.

You can take or leave my advice, but bear in mind the fact that I repaired over 1000 vacs in 2009 and many more in years previous."


madcobug said...

Interesting article. We have a small Dirt Devil for just pickup jobs. Great for getting dog hair off small rugs. We also noticed it doesn't pick up like it used to do and it's not 6 months old but we have used it a lot. You can't replace the brushes in this model, you have to replace the whole head part which cost ¾ as much as a new machine. Helen

Nancy said...

There's probably good and bad about most of them. I have an Oreck XL that I love . . I love it even more because it came with a little hand vacuum that is so convenient AND an iron. Maybe $300 was a lot to spend for the three things, but I've had them all for about 7 years and the only problem I've had is when is wearing out the flexible hose on the hand vac. The XL belt is also really easy to change--I've done that about 3 times in seven years.

m.v. said...

I had a panasonic and now have a cheap-o hoover. threw away ther bagless, all the dust was flying out in the garage when I was trying to empty the bin.wasn't worth the hassle and few dollars that I spend on bags.

Ms Martyr said...

I had a Kirby years ago and was happy to get rid of it because it did weigh so much. It also had a reuseable bag which was disgusting to empty.
I now own my second (apparently overpriced) Electrolux. I've been very happy with them and the first one lasted a long time. At least I got this one second hand off Craig's list.