Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Sadie's new Frisbee

Actually, the round discs I buy for Sadie are not, strictly speaking, frisbees.  I can't throw a frisbee properly.  I bought my first Aerobie Superdisc at the state fair from some people who had a trained dog act; back at home, I found out I could make it sail away with the greatest of ease.  Another advantage of the Superdisc is the soft edge, so when Sadie jumps up and catches it, her mouth doesn't get hurt.  
So far I haven't found any local stores that sell Aerobie products, so I order them from  
Yesterday the mailman brought Sadie's new toy; on the way back to the house I ripped the package open, pulled out the frisbee, and gave it a toss.  Sadie was after it immediately, but she didn't return with it like she usually does.  She went far over by the garden in the shade and lay down, placing her frisbee beside her.  She probably spent twenty minutes over there, I guess just getting acquainted with her new toy.   I later called her to me and she came, but it was as though she was daring me to touch that frisbee.  

She kept her paw firmly on it and howled at me.  

I tossed both her new frisbee and her old cracked one at the same time, to see if she had a preference.  She definitely liked the new one best.  

Later on, I looked out the front door and saw Sadie sitting there holding her frisbee on edge, and she remained like that for at least five minutes.  Maybe these things are worth the ridiculous price I pay for them.  At least Sadie seems to think so.


Anonymous said...

Sadie and her new frisbee are so darn cute!

My Elli's best toy is, well, ANY of her balls. She'll drop a ball at anyone's feet to see if they'll throw it for her a few times.

Aren't dogs just the best?! Sometimes I look in their faces and it seems like they could just open their mouths and talk.

Dory at Can't Remember Diddly

madcobug said...

Sadie looks so cute with her new toy. I think dogs are very intelligent. If they could they would talk to you. They will look you right in the eye. Looks like Sadie is trying to talk to you in the howling picture. Helen

Lisa said...

I love her holding it and howling at you! Too cute!