Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Stupid Facebook (for my youngest granddaughter)

So, my youngest granddaughter, the one who lives in Georgia, sent me this silly facebook quiz called "What do you want in a man".

Lyndsay, for heaven's sake: Have you not looked at your grandpa? THAT'S what I want in a man. None of the questions in this quiz were applicable to my situation.

What Do You Want in a Man? Likes and Dislikes

1. Your Favorite type of Movie?
Romantic Comedy
Mystery and Suspense
Who has time to watch movies?
Slapstick Humor

My answer: Who cares? Movies make me sleepy.

2. Favorite Type of Music?
I'm too busy to really listen to music.
Top 40 / 1980's

My answer: Folk, and 1960's through 1980's country.

3. What is your ideal family?
Husband and Wife and Few Children
Husband and Wife and Many Children
Husband and Wife and other Swingers
Depends on my our ancestoral backgrounds
I spend most of my time with my Work Family!

My answer: I'm sixty-four years old, and so far I have never seen an ideal family.

4. Dream Date?
Romantic Dinner with Wine and a movie
Board Games and pizza
Church and Dinner with the Family
Drinks at an Airport Bar
Surfing and drinks at a Tiki bar

My answer: Please, I don't want a date. I go to bed before 10 o'clock. I'm tired.

5. How do you like to dance?
I don't dance
I am always too drunk to remember
Two step
Slow Dancing

My answer: I never learned to dance, and I don't intend to start now.

6. Sexiest male celebrity?
Matt Damon
Edward Norton
George Clooney
Barak Obama
Clive Owens

My answer: What kind of choices are these? Where is Paul Newman? Where is Elvis? Sheesh.

7. What would the man of your dreams do for a living?
College Professor or Professional
Bartender or Waiter
Business owner or Heir
Church pastor

My answer: farmer.


madcobug said...

This is so funny that she would send this quiz to Grandma LOL. Helen

Anne said...

Priceless! I am still laughing out loud at your answer to #3. (ain't it the truth!) Anne

Mel said...

lol. That was great.

Don't you just love grand kids? If my grandma had a facebook, I'd probably be doing the same thing to her!

Lucky for her, she hardly knows what to do with a computer =]

Hollie said...

I loved your answers!

Celeste said...

Good answers

Lori said...

Did she let you know what her ideal mate would be? lol