Thursday, April 30, 2009

Around the homestead

When I'm riding Blue two or three times a week, he hardly needs his hooves trimmed at all. In fact, only the two front ones where they tend to grow long in one spot need attention, and Cliff can usually handle that. For the past few months, though, I haven't been on my horse often enough to wear his feet down. So Randy, my farrier, came to visit yesterday. I'm so glad I stopped having shoes put on my horse: It saves a lot of money and hassle to keep him barefoot. $35 for a trim, as opposed to $85 for shoeing.

After an afternoon of rain (another half-inch in the rain gauge), I noticed the sun was shining brightly outside yesterday and figured there might be a rainbow to the east. So I grabbed my camera and headed out.

Indeed there was, a nice, full one, a rainbow too big for me to capture in one photo.

Notice how the coffee tree is illuminated by the setting sun. Even though I know rainbows are a natural phenomenon, I still get a feeling I'm seeing something magical when I witness one.

For any farmer-type people who might read this blog, here's the business end of my recently-acquired Jersey heifer, Bonnie. Although she isn't real heavy with calf, when I look at her backside and udder, I wonder if she'll really wait until late June to have her calf.

Cliff rigged it up so the ladies can get in this pen where they can bed down in the stall without horses bothering them. They opt to spend most nights in there. It's their choice.


I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

That rainbow is beautiful.

Midlife Mom said...

Great rainbow pictures and yes there is something magical about them. I keep all my horses barefoot except one. His feet crack if I don't put shoes on him and I ride him on the road which is hard on his feet. Can't wait to see that new baby.

Like your Facebook quiz. I agree with almost all of your answers! How about Tom Selleck?

Anonymous said...

Hi Donna....well I am caught up with your blogs LOL...and that rainbow...awesome...and like you...they always give me such a thrill and good feeling...your flowers are coming along so nice...isn't it fun to "plant" and "enjoy"...and I also planted a dwarf lilac is blooming...not much fragrance tho...we will see how it comes along...and I have seven clematis vines growing in my yard...will take pics as soon as they bloom...I love them too!!!! you should try some "creeping phlox"...makes great ground cover...and spreads....alot...but pretty...and get a "knock out rose"....they are gorgeous...I love them too....have several...well enough of my "advice" LOL....and like you the "quiz" I could not relate too!!!! we are all having rain...and it is nice...rained all the sun shines...sheesh!!! hugs...Ora

madcobug said...

We haven't had any rain lately. Rainbows always make me feel in awe. Thoughtful of Cliff to make it where the ladies can get into their pens. Helen

Hollie said...

That rainbow is beautiful! Thanks for sharing!