Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Thursday thirteen: Edition "K"

1. Kitchen: My favorite room in any house.

2. Kris Kringle: Who doesn’t love old St. Nick?

3. kite: I remember trying to fly a kite by myself when I was about five years old. It would almost fly, but not quite. I was so disappointed, and finally gave up.

4. Kruschev: The leader of the Soviet Union who took his shoe off at the U.N. in 1960 and either (a) pounded on a desk with it, or (b) waved it in the air.

5. klutz: I am one

6. Keith Whitley: What a great singer, and what a shame he died so young of alcohol poisoning.

7. Kansas: Cliff finds Kansas flat and boring; I find it lovely in its own special way.

8, Kansas City: Despite many reports of its demise by Kansas City bloggers, I love Kansas City. Growing up, it was the only big city I knew, and it was so exciting to look across the Missouri River from our humble Harlem apartment and watch the lights atop the Power-and-Light building changing colors. I loved the big Folgers light, too.

9. Kennedy: I was working at National Bellas Hess when I heard President Kennedy had been shot.

10. Kurzweils country meats: Neat place with good tenderloins. I've blogged about them before.

11. Kevin: My son-in-law, who is the trivia champ of our family. Trying to think of the name of some old rock group? Wondering who starred in some particular movie? Ask Kevin. How he remembers all that stuff is anybody's guess. (He's a sucker for little girls, by the way.)

12. knife: I seldom have a sharp enough one around.

13. Kraut: I'm not real crazy about it by itself, but with hot dogs cooked in it, it isn't bad.

If you'd like to play along on this continuing meme, be sure to leave your link at Izzy 'N Emmy so everyone can get to know you better. I'm really dreading the letters "Q" and "X".


Anonymous said...

WooHoo! I made the blog! And I wasn't grilling. Yes, I am a sucker for baby girls. Great entry.


Hyperblogal said...

I know right where Harlem is.... most KC folks don't know it exists... some of it anyway.