Friday, March 27, 2009

My day

Cliff currently doesn't work Fridays. That could change before long, but while it lasts he's enjoying three-day weekends.

His sister next door also has Fridays off. So the three of us went grocery shopping this morning.

We came home and ate some delicious barbecued ribs Rena had cooking in the crock pot, then left again to go to Kleinschmidts. Cliff needed jeans. I needed some fat jeans (yeah, I've gained weight; wanna make something of it?). Rena didn't need jeans, but she found some at a bargain price and bought a pair. Hers weren't fat jeans.

Then we went to Orscheln's, and happily discovered it was peanut days! We ate peanuts as we shopped, letting the shells fall on the floor because that's what you do during peanut days. I bought a twenty-five pound bag of apple treats for Blue. That's probably a five-year supply. I longingly looked at the baby chickens, ducks and turkeys; but I knew it wouldn't make sense to buy any.

Rena is house-shopping now. The grandson wants the old house if/when Rena moves, and he's welcome to it. I have to admit, though, that we sleep quite well at night knowing Rena takes excellent care of our old house. It won't be the same after she leaves. Plus we'll miss our four days a week babysitting Angel, her dog.

I can't blame her, though, for wanting central air and a built-in dishwasher and all the things I wished for when we lived in that house. Those of you who pray, please pray she'll find just the right home at a reasonable price and in God's own time.

I'm still watching for the huge storm that's been forecast. I'll believe it when I see it. The weather-guessers are having a ball with this.

Can you believe that although I had the camera with me all day, I didn't take a single picture? I think this return of Old Man Winter has me somewhat depressed.


Connie said...

Love your labels,LOL
I'll bet old Blue will get more than a few at a time and they won't last a couuple months,LOL

Mel said...

Yeah, winter pretty much just sucks.

On the bright side, it would be nice to have Arick that close, though, right?

Lisa said...

That is nice you got to go shopping and enjoy the peanut days... sounds relaxing and a really nice treat. Hugs,

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

I'll say a prayer for your sil that she finds just the right house and for you all that the storm is not severe. At least you know the house will be a home for someone. I gained more weight this winter too. Thankfully some clothes still fit, but most are not as comfortable as they used to be. Hopefully nice weather will come soon and getting outdoors more will also mean I loose some of my winter fat. Hope your Saturday is a good one!

Lindie said...

This is the right time for Rena to go house shopping, lots of bargains out there. I stopped at the Price Chopper near my home last night and there were no shopping carts and when I went in the lines were really really long. I didn't really need much so I turned around and went home! When I woke up this am, no snow! Big surprise!

Amy said...

I have plenty of fat jeans. meh. next, I need to buy a girdle.

Midlife Mom said...

Don't feel bad Donna, I'm back in my fat jeans too. I was out of them for a few months doing great cutting down but with the mess going on in my kitchen, the trip, blah blah blah I'm back at it again. think I used to be able to eat anything and everything I wanted.

We're looking at 1 to 2 inches of rain tomorrow. Bye Bye snow!