Sunday, March 22, 2009

morning ride

I did manage to be on my horse, Blue, at 8 A.M. and rode for over an hour. As you can see, the river bottom looks pretty desolate and forsaken. Can you make out the purple shading on those weeds? That's henbit, and it will be bright purple before long.

A couple of balloons from somebody's party are hooked up in a tree ahead. Click to see them better.
What's that sign doing on this shack on Farmer Steve's property?
Ha ha. Who's the joker? When Blue and I got back to the barn, Adam was loading up his two horses and taking them to Blue-Gray park to ride. He said he rides one for awhile, then the other. I wish him good luck with Sassy; she was being totally crazy, even for her.

Great morning for a ride, and we got back before all the Harleys hit the highway; Blue handles most vehicles quite well, but when we are passed by a large group of motorcycles (especially Harleys), he gets a little panicky. One or two is just fine. Several, not so much. I think he feels he's under attack.


FrankandMary said...

Trying to keep my almost envious curiosity in check when it comes to Blue :-).
Silly me. I prefer the pictures to be of BLUE.
ps horse & motorcyle riding. life is good.

Hyperblogal said...

I know how Blue feels... I was around 200 or so Harlyes yesterday and was a tad nervous myself... 'course they were parked... but, nonetheless....

Sandra said...

I loved seeing the difference when I clicked pon the pictures.... looks like some of the trees are beginning to green up a little.... who will rent the building I wonder.... cats maybe ????

Toni said...

What do you know of that shack, Ms. Donna? I'm taken by abandoned properties. They have such a story and I'm always wishing I knew what those stories were. So do you know anything about this one? Just curious, as always.

And the balloons. When we lived in the country, dh and I took our dog for a walk on a path through the woods that few folks knew about. She was off the leash and ran back into an area of small but plentiful trees (off the path). We followed her in, and I found a balloon back there. It had a note attached. Turned out it was a highschool girls' softball team who had released balloons at their year-end party. The name and address of the girl who had released the balloon was there. We wrote to her and told her how unlikely it was that her balloon would ever have been found in its resting place, that it was complete chance that we went off the tiny path in the little woods in the middle of nowhere, two states away. Neat, eh?

Donna said...

Toni, there's another abandoned farm house on Farmer Steve's property in which he and his family lived. One time I asked him about the shack in this photo, because it seemed to me to be shaped more like a school house or church. He told me that it had been a dwelling, though, and he remembers when people lived there. This is in a flood area, as most of Steve's land is river bottom ground.