Saturday, March 14, 2009

Can spring be far behind?

Cliff asked what I thought about tilling up the yard and planting grass.

I suggested he do half of the front yard, and we could do the rest this fall. The grass in the east part is adequate, at least for now. That way the whole yard won't be mud at once.

I put my herbs on the front porch for the day.

Tulips which were frozen hard three days ago seem no worse for the wear today.

Cliff picked up a hitchhiker, granddaughter Natalie.

The peonies I transplanted from our old yard are alive and peeking through!

So are the iris. Actually, there's dirt on top of most of the iris I planted. I was just being mischievous (and proving a point) when I tossed these down on top of the grass. You can't kill these things!


m.v. said...

only in America people plant,fertilize and mow grass, everywhere else it grows on it's on and looks a lot better but here they call it weeds.

Donna said...

Meesha, we don't fertilize grass around here (unless it's for animals to eat, and then not often). We don't kill crabgrass, either. I can live with that. What I don't care for is MUD, and that's our purpose in sowing grass seed.

Melissa ~ Wife to 1, Mom to 5 said...

So true about iris. Last fall, a friend came over and dug up hundreds of iris. She tossed cast off pieces and when I was walking in the yard, I found the cast off bits SPROUTED!! Good grief this is one hardy plant!!

Lindie said...

I checked my old herb garden from last year and was surprised to see that the thyme and chives were growing. These were supposed to be annuals! So 2 I don't need to buy!

Carlene Noggle said...

I sure wish Cliff was near here so I could get him to till me a little bitty plot for my two or three tomato plants! lol He did a good job on yall's yard didn't he?
Yall already have your place looking so good! What kind of bushes are those up near your new home?
love ya,

Mike S said...

How do I plant grass in this cold white 'soil' we got up here? Spring is soooooo far away still hereabout;)

Celeste said...

I toss a bit of grass seed in the yard all the time. My mama always said the place the iris on top of the ground and it will take care of itself. All I know is the irises I planted did not come up but the ones in a pile did.

Lori said...

A bunch of my iris are lying mostly on top of the ground this year! I don't know why. But my Mom always told me the same thing -- you can't kill iris!