Tuesday, March 03, 2009

I'm loving Pandora on my Grace radio

It's so great, I'm wondering if they'll eventually require a monthly subscription like XM and Sirius do. I've created a classic country station that Cliff loves and has decided he likes it even better than "Willie's Place" on XM, because there's no talking: just one song after another. Internet radio might not work in his shop, though... I don't know if our Internet signal would reach that far.

For myself, I've fashioned and fine-tuned a folk station that seems to finally be 100% acoustic. They kept wanting to add Johnny Cash to the lineup. When I'm in the mood for folk, I don't want to hear Johnny. I had to thumbs-down several of his songs before I got rid of him. Sorry about that, John. You know I love you! I'll catch you on my country Pandora station.

The radio has a setting that would let me use it for an alarm if I ever needed one (fat chance), and a sleep timer, which I'll be using every night to go to sleep by, instead of the television.

Pandora, even on my Grace radio, always starts at the beginning of a song. It's interesting to me that I can turn on the same self-made station on the computer and it will be playing an entirely different grouping of my songs than the radio in the kitchen. Beats me how it all works! If I thumbs-up a song on the kitchen radio, I can look at my song list on the Internet and there it is! It doesn't take much to amaze me, I guess.

One of my favorite songs of all time is "Mr. Bojangles". In the kitchen the other day I heard someone new to me singing the song on the radio; in the middle of it, he started talking about how the song had come to be written: the man's name was David Bromberg, and he used play in Jerry Jeff Walker's band when that song was popular. (The Grace radio tells the name of the song and who is singing, much like Cliff's XM radio does.)

If anyone is interested, you can hear the entire seven-minute song HERE (on the right, at the top). It just fascinated me, but then you folks know how I love stories.

There are over 6,000 regular stations I can sift through, if I want to listen to regular radio in any given language. So far, I've chosen
one to put on preset. I just can't get away from Pandora. Besides, it's a daunting task to sift through that many stations trying to find one I like.

If you like Pandora, you'd LOVE having a Grace Internet Radio, so you can listen to your stations in any room of the house without turning on a computer. I got mine on Ebay, considerably cheaper than what they cost on the Grace website. If you subscribe to Sirius, Grace will play that too; unfortunately, Cliff subscribes to XM. Sirius owns XM, but I can't get it on my radio.

No, I'm not being paid to write a review for Grace Radio. I'm simply so enthusiastic about this that I can't keep it to myself. But I do believe I'll go write them a review now.

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It's Just Me ~ Katie! said...

Have you ever walked into a room where everyone is speaking a different language. That's kinda the way I feel with all this new tech. I did spring for an Ipod a couple of years ago and love it ~ I will be checking this out. Thanks for sharing. Take care.