Monday, March 02, 2009

I'm such a computer dummy

I took my laptop in for a tuneup last week; it had slowed almost to a stop, and when I'd run the anti-virus, it would freeze. The guy found some worms or something and got it going again. I paid him and brought it home.

Cliff used it once to browse Craigslist after we got home with it, and except for a small glitch (something to do with settings), it worked fine.

Next day he turned it on and it couldn't connect to the Internet.

I tried "go-back", but no cigar. I absolutely could not access the Internet.

"Well, we're taking it right back to that guy," I grumbled.

This morning I awoke at 3 A.M. and began pondering. What on earth could be wrong with the thing? It was working one day, next day it wasn't.

I happened to remember, as I lay there pondering in the darkness, that the Toshiba has something called a "connectivity doctor", which I hadn't used since I first bought it.

The connectivity doctor informed me I needed to turn something on.

I searched all over the outside of that laptop, and finally found a tiny switch that was turned to "off". Cliff must have bumped it when he put it up. Once I moved it to "on", the computer connected to the Internet.

Wouldn't I have felt silly if I had taken it back to the tech-guy for that?


Sugar said...

welcome to my life! lol
i'm a total tech ninny. :)
huggies... said...

When it comes to the tech stuff I don't have a clue!! I think you do really good when I see all the stuff on your blog that I would not have any idea how to do!!
I have learned a lot since I first started blogging!!! I knew nothing when I started and had to learn how to link and all the other stuff. Hugs Carolyn

Hollie said...

I know what you mean... I don't know much about a computer either... I'm glad that you figured it out!

Becky said...

Darn those pesky network on/off switches. I've bumped mine off a time or two and spend hours trouble-shooting before I finally check there. LOL! So don't feel badly.

Jeff said...

I'm glad you figured it out before you had to take it in! I have done things like that in the past-once my computer went wonky and kept making all of these beeping noises and after a few hours of desperation and annoyance I hung my head down over my keyboard and noticed the "enter" button was stuck down! Something so simple that caused me all that frustration made me laugh-and it probably sounded like a maniac laughing!

Hope you are having a great day, Jeff

Celeste said...

LOL had that problem with my mouse this afternoon

m.v. said...

Dummy wouldn't have figured it out. You may be looking at a new career here :-)

Rachel said...

I'm glad you found it. I was going to offer to look at it, but the house was too full. Also, I hate the automated "Dr." things, so I would have been beating my head against a wall, too. And I do tech support for a living! Good job fixing it.

KaysWay said...

Hi. I'm new here and I was just browsing some blogs. I found this post quite amusing. Don't you just hate it when things like that happen? Hope you'll visit me.