Sunday, March 01, 2009

Sunday Seven

Conan O’Brien’s exit from Late Night with Conan O’Brien signals the start of a slow shift of late night hosts. But regardless of who is on when, which host — past or present — would be your all-time favorite?

In case you need a little help with the candidates, here’s someone else’s list of the best late night hosts.

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Name your seven favorite late-night talk show hosts.

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1. Jack Paar. He had such mood swings. He'd laugh, he'd cry; he almost got in a physical fight with a drunken Mickey Rooney. Anything could happen!

2. Steve Allen. What a pleasant man. Sometimes he got so silly!

3. Jay Leno. I do hate to see him moving from late-night. I'll be watching David Letterman from now on; I've never cared for Conan.

4. Dick Cavett. I never watched him when his show was on, but I have some dandy DVDs of his old shows where he did interviews with Janis Joplin and others. He was pretty serious compared to some of the other late-show guys.

5. Johnny Carson, of course. Everybody loved Johnny.

6. David Letterman. He's a little too silly for my taste, but he'll do.

7. Joey Bishop. I had almost forgotten him!


Adirondackcountrygal said...

That is a good list although I was never a late night show person!

MissKris said...

Argggghhh...I forgot to sign in and my original LONG comment got sent to NeverNever Land, HA! Johnny Carson and Jack Paar have always been my favorites. Back to your comment about life on the internet, I wish you'd been reading my blog a couple of years ago. A busybody who didn't like someone's blog I'd linked to sent me a behind-the-scenes email basically lambasting me for my links and basically told me whose blogs I should read and what I should write about. The lady is a 'Christian' - and I use that lightly where she's concerned - but her out-of-the-public persona is VASTLY different than what she portrays on her blog. Yes, she still blogs. I was so 'righteously indignant' I was practically seeing shooting stars and I blogged about it without naming names. She and her other 'Christian' friends blacklisted me and just about ruined my love for writing on here, but I persevered and chalked it up to a very well-learned life lesson. About a year ago I had a moment of remorse and emailed her to apologize because I usually don't get quite so upset with people, but her email back to me was totally unforgiving. Oh well. What I find so, so sad about many 'Christian' blogs I've stumbled across is how unChristian-like their behavior is. I even came across one that said, "If you don't agree with my beliefs don't even bother to comment because I'll delete them." Whoa. said...

Hi Donna! I just wrote a note and previewed it and lost it!!! So here we go!! I liked Steve Allen and Jack Parr. I didn't get to watch much because my kids were little then. I had not thought about Jack Parr for ever!!

Something else I had not thought about for a very long time is a Shivaree!! I was over at Mary's Writing Nook and she has a post about them!! My goodness that brought back memory's!! My brother Don and sister in law Ruth were married in 1945 and I think I was around 7!

My goodness what a lot of noise they made when all the people showed up with Ruth!! My folks and everybody else thought it was a lot of fun!! I thought it was kind of scary!! Hugs Grams

Celeste said...

johnny was my favorite

Jess said...

I'm not a big late nighter...but I do like Letterman..

Have a great week!

Sandra said...

Ive always been a David Letterman fan... way back when he was on after Johnny and wore tan pants and a letter jacket. It took me awhile to get used to him in a suit.... If you think he's silly now you should have watched back then...or maybe you did.

Hyperblogal said...

I like Carson and then switched to Letterman. Never have been able to take either Leno or Conan.

Jefftexas said...

Johnny was the best-I like David Letterman too. I used to watch Arsenio Hall when I was in college when he was the only thing on and I didn't have cable!

Momma said...

There will never be another Johnny. Loved him!

Ora said...

Hi...myself I enjoyed Carson...but usually I am not a late night show watcher...would rather watch a movie...and about being a "computer dummy" way way!!!! Glad you had a nice Sunday with nephew and family...and yes...that little girl was a sweetheart...but the boy caught my eye...handsome!!!! Happy day to ya...Ora