Wednesday, March 04, 2009

What to cook for dinner

This is one of those days when everything I want to cook for dinner requires at least one item I don't have on hands: I was going to make hamburger stew, but there's no cabbage in the house. I don't care for it without cabbage.

Tuna casserole sounds good. Alas, I only have one can of tuna, and my recipe requires two cans.

Looking at the cookbook, I saw an interesting recipe for chili-mac. But we just had chili yesterday, so do we really want something chili-flavored today?

I'm hankering for some sausage-corn bread, but that isn't so healthy. Besides, I'd rather make that this weekend when Cliff's sister and her husband are here. We could have a fish-fry when they're here, too. I have a huge bag of frozen catfish fillets.

I have mashed potatoes left over from Saturday, and a little bit of roast. I would use the mashed potatoes in a shepherd's pie, but the only veggies I have on hands are peas, spinach and okra.

I'd really, REALLY like to make potato patties out of the leftover mashed potatoes, but we shouldn't have that, especially Cliff.

I could warm up the roast and some of the mashed potatoes, open a can of spinach, and call that dinner. That would be the easy way out, and that roast needs to be eaten today.

What to do, what to do.


Nance said...

Could you maybe make half a recipe of Tuna Casserole?.....Just a Of course if the recipe only feeds two, then making only half won't do. Good Luck ! I'm confident you will fix something yummy !

Ora said...

all of it sounds good to me...LOL...what did you decide to do??? happy eating!!!!! hugs..Ora said...

oh shoot! I missed your rant!! I saw you were going to write one but maybe take if off. I had to do some other stuff and now I missed it!! Oh well!! lol
Now I am wondering What you are going to have for supper!! lol We are having something made out of turkey burger... hugs Grams

It's Just Me ~ Katie! said...

I am faced with this dilemma often. I sooo need to restock my pantry. Tomorrows chore! I say warm up the spinich and the mashed potatoes, shred the roast into some homemade gravy, pour over potatoes and Voila! I know you'll think of something creative. Take care of you and yours always,

Lindie said...

What did you end up doing? I made PW's mac n cheese plus a chuck roast cooked in mushroom soup and Lipton's onion soup mix! I made Tuna casserole last week.