Thursday, December 25, 2008

My noodle recipe

Rose asked for my recipe for noodles, which I got from my mom. You'll find it in an old entry HERE.

You can read me waxing nostalgic about noodles HERE.

On another note: Our Christmas guests had all departed and I looked out the window to see at least six male robins hopping around my yard! I think there were more, but I counted six at one time in the front yard, then noticed some in back too. What on earth are robins doing here on Christmas day? (Added later: I've now seen more than a dozen at one time in the pasture behind the house.)

I found some interesting robin facts online, but nothing that tells me what they were doing here at this time of year. Except at this site, where it is suggested that robins seen here in winter have migrated from Canada.

If you live in Missouri, for instance, the robins you've seen all summer may, during fall migration, head south to Texas, while the robins you see during the winter may have nested in Canada."

All I can say is that Cliff and I don't recall ever seeing robins around in December. But it made for a nice Christmas surprise.


Rose said...

Thanks Donna. I will let you know when I make them. How fun!

Sonya said...

Well, we had a lot of birds here the past few days too...during the warm days. Seems they were migrating.
Also...I see that Saturday it is going to be 71. Crazy.

Midlife Mom said...

Too cold here for robins, only the hardiest of birds around right now. The robins would have to wear little goosedown jackets!
Glad you had a nice Christmas, we did too. Now to put everything away. I'm not much on keeping things up long after Christmas. Loved Trish's singing! I'll have to check out her blog.

Kansas Sity Sinic said...

The day before yesterday, there were 3 cardinals, and 2 bluejays in a tree in my backyard. I took a picture, but it didn't turn out very well.