Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Why must it be so difficult?

Cliff's youngest sister, Charlene, lives in St. Louis. Since they moved there, she tries to call me every Friday night, just to keep in touch.

Yesterday evening she called and asked what I'd been doing the past two Friday nights; she's called and left messages, and I haven't returned her calls.

Now I've been known to ignore messages on my phone, figuring the person will call me back if they want something. But I didn't remember doing this. In fact, I couldn't even think of a reason why I didn't just pick up the phone and answer; Cliff works evenings, and I don't drive. It's winter. Where would I be? Possibly the hot tub, because I do like sitting in the hot tub on a starry night. In fact, after I thought hard, I remembered that my daughter's girls spent last Friday night here, and the three of us did indeed spend some time in the spa.

Still, what happened to the messages?

So this morning I dialed my home number from my cell, to see what would happen. The home phone's answering message said its piece and beeped. Then a totally different answering message played on my cell, and beeped. I left some little message, but of course it wasn't going onto my home answering machine. Where on earth was it going?

Cliff said, "Why is it so hard to just get a simple telephone that works?"

"I don't think it's the phones causing the trouble," I answered. "It's us."

We just weren't meant for this technological time period.

So, I turned the answering machine off. It's all I know to do. But guess what? My cell still takes me to a voice mail when I call my home phone.


Midlife Mom said...

Don't feel bad I'm about as technology challenged as they come. I bought a quilt cutter that cuts about six layers at one time about 5 years ago and have yet to figure it out. Sigh.......

Love the reindeer singing! Wish there was some way I could keep it on my desktop. There used to be one with four animated horses harmonizing that I loved but deleted it by mistake. Grrrrrr....

Becky said...

Sounds to me like your phone company has you signed up for voice mail service. My husband has that on our second phone line. I have NO clue how he accesses his messages. Maybe you should set your actual answering machine to answer after fewer rings to avoid the call going off to voicemail. Just until you can get your phone company to turn the service off. OR you may have done the same thing my parents did. They have a machine in the den, but then my dad bought a new cordless phone that had a machine built in. Suddenly it was war of the answering machines. You never knew which one would pick up and take the message.