Friday, December 05, 2008

Time for a Christmas tree

Three years ago, we bought a little bitty artificial Christmas tree, the first fake Christmas tree I've ever had. I missed the smell of the genuine article and just didn't have the heart to drag that little tree downstairs anymore, so we haven't had a tree the past two years. When we moved out here, I tossed the little tree I never did like.

So this year I've had the urge for a Christmas tree, but I found out the place where we usually go cut our own isn't doing business this year; some sort of insurance issue.

We'll be in Lexington and Richmond today, but I don't know where to go to buy a real tree. Google has let me down on this issue. I guess we'll just ask around.

We don't really do gifts, other than to give the grandkids some spending money. Cliff says it'll seem strange to have a tree with no presents under it.

It's OK, I told him. This tree is for me, because I want it. I'll put my manger scene underneath it, and it'll be just fine.

The little-girl me in that picture is still around, someplace. Maybe I'll touch bases with her during this Christmas season.

That's my nephew, Larry, with Santa and me.


I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

There is still a little child in each one of us. I hope you find your tree. It will look lovely with your nativity set under it.
'On Ya'-ma

madcobug said...

Cute picture, Just putting up a tree make a person feel better.Thing is I don't feel like stretching and putting ornaments on one or not able to do that. Helen

Astaryth said...

Because most of our presents are shipped out, or are homemade candy, we don't have presents for under our tree.... when we put up the big tree, I have a few gift bags that I've kept over the last few years (or picked up because they have horses on them LOL), and I put them under the tree. They are empty, but make the tree look more festive. If they don't stand up well I just stick something in them for weight!

Lindie said...

I always put up my tree, just for me. My grandkids come and I have their toys under the tree. Not new toys, just the old toys that they like. A toy train, empty pretty boxes, a snow globe etc.

Hollie said...

Good for you! I love the tree too. Mine doesn't have presents under it either.... there's a couple of cats though. LOL I don't know why..... my cats love laying under it....LOL

I hope you find your tree.

Lisa said...

I love the picture! Thanks for sharing!! I like the idea of putting the nativity set under the tree. I read these entries backwards so now I'm especially happy for you that you find a tree you really like.