Monday, December 08, 2008

A brief motorcycle ride to visit an old friend

This morning when Cliff and I went for our walk, we agreed it was considerably warmer than it has been for a few days; we even worked up some perspiration beneath our jackets.

"I believe it's warm enough for a motorcycle ride," I said.

"OK then," says Cliff, who never needs much prompting to go for a ride. "Let's go!"

I put together a quick picnic lunch, put on my biker boots and leathers, and we were soon out the door.

"I thought it was warmer than this," I told him as we got on the bike.

"Maybe the sun will come back out."

By the time we'd been on the Honda for ten minutes, we knew it was not going to be a comfortable ride. However, it's only a twenty-minute trip to the nursing home where a longtime friend of mine resides, so we decided to tough it out and go there.

This picture was taken last year, but I doubt either Dona or I have changed much. We were on the motorcycle that time, too.

This lady and I shared a fondness for gardening and Jersey cows, which is really what brought us together back in the seventies. She's immensely talented, and I have reminders of her all around me:

This picture she painted and gave me, which is in our guest bedroom.

A set of Tractor Christmas-tree ornaments made of wood. When I'm decorating a Christmas tree, many of the ornaments trigger happy memories of one person or another.

I have some Holstein cow ornaments which were sold by Avon. Dona was an Avon representative at one time.

Most prized of all, a quilt she made and gave me long ago. It's faded now, and showing wear, because I've always used it and enjoyed it. I've retired it for life now, simply because I don't know how much more use it can stand. She only has the use of one hand now, so she can't use many of her talents.

I recently found a wonderful poem I had totally forgotten about that she once wrote for me, expressing her appreciation for my friendship.

Dona had a stroke when she was my age, some ten years ago; she's been in the nursing home over a year now. It's sad to see her there, but she seems to have a great attitude. We had a nice visit, and I do hope we won't wait so long to see her again.

Dona told me she sings at every opportunity, which is funny because she's never been much of a singer. "I don't know if people like it or not, but I sing," she told us. "I've been thinking of a song I've been wanting someone to play:

And she began singing: "Sleigh bells ring, are you listening...."

So I chimed in to sing "Winter Wonderland" along with her. To my surprise, two gentleman behind us joined in, and then a couple of ladies across the room.

It was rather a magic moment, to look around and see the old folks smiling and singing along.

Cliff and I abandoned the idea of a picnic, and came right back home to the warmth of the house. At least we can say we sneaked in a little ride before the rain and snow that's forecast.


Ora said...

I just bet you gave all the folks at that nursing home...and best of all Dora...a wonderful memory!! an glad you enjoyed the ride..even tho chilly...and happy you have such a beautiful tree...and it isn't tacky...and your nativity scene is nice...and I have one just like it about forty years ago...and I am going to make some of that oatmeal bread..but will use my bread machine...I am not a good kneader LOL...and as you can tell I am catching up on lotsa blogs...a few at a time...cause I do enjoy reading them all...Merry Christmas (and you will probably get tired of hearing and reading this but I say it constantly to everyone...whether they like it or not LOLOL...hugs from Ora in KY

Becky said...

Well that brought back a fond memory. When I was active in youth ministry in my teens we would go visit a local nursing home bearing Christmas gifts and treats. We'd then have a Christmas carol sing-along with the residents. Somehow, I think I got even more out of the experience than the seniors did.

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

It was only 17 degrees here this morning and riding in the car wasn't even pleasant til it warmed up. I do hope you went out in warmer temps than that for sure. So good you could visit your old friend and sing with her. That was heartwarming for sure.
'On Ya'-ma

Jess said...

Bet you froze to death!

Just coming by to catch up! Hope all is well with you and that you have a great day!

Good post and have a wonderful week!
Love, Jess

Toni said...

Why Ms. Donna, I do believe this is one of my most favorite posts EVER. There is more spirit and spunk coming out from more people than I can count. You and Cliff. Dona. The folks around you at the nursing home. I wish I could have been there. My children and I would have felt completely at home to join right in with the singing (and we can't sing a lick between us, lol).

Erin from Iowa said...

You lured me out of lurkdom with this post. ;)
The spontaneous sing-a-long. One of those living in the moment small wonders life gives us. I treasure them. There is a song that expresses how I feel about them well. It is called Little Wonders. Here is a link to the lyrics:
I thoroughly reading your journal!