Friday, December 19, 2008

Bloglines vs. Google Reader... and thoughts on getting older

I've used Bloglines to keep up with my favorite blogs for a long time; it was a great alternative to the AOL "journal alerts", which flooded my email box constantly. So when AOL J-land went belly up, I was already ahead of the game.

Some techno-wizard, though, figured out how to put all the transferred AOL blogs on Google Reader, which caused me to check it out. Wow! I LOVE LOVE LOVE Google reader.

I appreciate the effort of whoever did all the work of transferring our AOL journals here, and then putting them all onto Google Reader. Was it Guido? Anybody know?

See, my memory isn't what it used to be, and neither is Cliff's. We keep losing clothes. Seriously! Our favorite stocking cap, the one with "Alaska" on it, has disappeared. And Cliff has lost track of a pair of Carhart overalls. One of our neck-warmers was gone for awhile, but it showed up again.

When oldest grandson Arick was four years old, he was always misplacing his shoes. One time we were scrambling to find them because we had to go someplace, and Cliff asked him, "What do you suppose happened to your shoes?"

"A robber probably got them," Arick replied.

Yesterday Cliff decided Arick's robber must have been real, and he still lives nearby; what other explanation could there be for our clothes disappearing?

The thief moves my purse, too, putting it in the most ridiculous places. And hides my grocery lists.

Getting older, as I always say, isn't for the faint of heart.


Sugar said...

they didn't get oto my Google Reader, & I've had it for about a yr or so.
only ones on it are ones i have signed up as followers of their blogs.

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

Now I'll have to check out google reader and see what's there. I agree totally with your words about aging... there is a ghost not a robber in my house. I'm sure I spend so much time in the re-search department it could develop into a full time job.
'On Ya'-ma

Tawnya said...

I actually use my blogger dashboard. I even follow Word Press blogs with it. I love it because I can see who updated before I make an entry in my journal. Again, thanks for stopping by!! See ya soon!!

Nance said...

Donna......have you checked the 'cubby' spaces in the Gold Wing? Maybe you tucked some of those things in there? Just a thought.

Take care and Blessings...Nance in CA

Ora said...

now just think back to when was the last time you wore those carharts??? and stocking cap??? works for me...might take a while...but it works LOLOL...kinda hard to lose a carhart isn't it??? and I like Arik's answer...!!! I see in your Lexington you have my Lexington it is 58..rain, windy, and balmy...suits me just fine...Merry Christmas

Amy said...

I always tell Adrian that when I die, I'm going to come back as a ghost and move his keys and stuff. Hmm.. :)

loopymamain06 said...

It's gremlin it's gremlins I tell ya!......but seriously, have you opened up all the "moving" boxes?

RNSheets said...

Thanks for the link on Google Reader. It took me a few minutes to find "Settings", lol.

Paula said...

Oh it happens to you too. Keys where are my keys???

Average Jane said...

I had to stop using my beloved Bloglines after it got so buggy a couple of months ago. Google Reader took some getting used to, but now I really love it. However, I seem to get way more behind on my feed reading now than I used to.