Wednesday, December 31, 2008

From yesterday's ride

Birds, hundred of birds! (Click to see them better)

I stopped to admire Farmer John's cattle...

and noticed that little guy has scours (that's diarrhea); see his pasty tail? I've lost calves to scours before.

Nice place for sale. Anybody need a little spread with room for some horses?

This is where I crossed 24 highway to get to the outer road, otherwise known as Santa Fe Trail road.

Now, when I left the house, my original intention was to get a video that would let you hear Blue whinnying to a herd of horses we had passed the previous day. He really knows how to trumpet a greeting. But after taking these pictures plus the fifteen-second video in a previous entry, when I turned on my camera to get the whinny I saw this message:

"Replace memory card."

Foiled again.

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Hollie said...

Shoot...I would have loved to her Blue. Thanks for the photos. I have to wonder if the house is for sell due to the economy & hardships... It's such a lovely place.