Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Thirteen weird things about me (as if that was all)

1. I don’t deliberately listen to Green Day often, but when I hear them, I like them. Oh yeah, and I like Janis Joplin and Simple Plan and Lionel Ritchie and the Beatles, and so many others that I don't think I'm supposed to like.

2. And if my knees would let me, I’d go to Van’s Warped Tour every year. Even though I'm a folk-and-country-music fan.

3. I love condensed milk. I can drink it straight out of the can.

4. I am a Christian. However, I consider myself a pretty pathetic one. But I will still cling to the Old Rugged Cross.

5. I always say I’d rather be in Colorado, but the truth is, I like it right here in Missouri.

6. I can’t believe some people would rather I’d lie to them than to hear me say what I really think.

7. I only had children because babies are cute. I know that isn’t the right reason, but what IS the right reason? Why do people have babies?

8. I stopped having children because I realized I wasn’t equipped to raise children. Does that make up for number 7?

9. I wish my dog didn’t shed, but I wouldn’t take $1,000 for my dog.

10. I won’t be attending any of the Kansas City Bloggers’ meetings, because 3/4 of those people intimidate me. However, I would gladly meet up with certain ones of them.

11. I hate that I have huge feet, and even more, I hate that I passed that trait on to my granddaughters.

12. Riding the motorcycle scares me a little. But I love the things Cliff and I do and see on the motorcycle, so it's OK.

13. My best friends seem to be my long-time Internet friends. There are some of them that I know I could count on if I were in trouble (you know who you are, AOL people). If I really, REALLY was in a jam, those Internet friends are the ones I'd holler at.

Oh yeah, and when I notice some "follower" chose to NOT be a follower, I obsess about it. I wonder why they ceased to follow me. Because I'm an only child, and I obsess that way.


Rachel said...

1. I like them, too, but don't tell.
2. I wouldn't.
3. ick.
5. I'm glad you're nearby.
8. I'm still not equipped. Help?
9. I'd take $1000 for mine. No, not really.
11. I hate it, too.
13. Internet friends ROCK!

Jude said...

I'm not an only child, but I obcess about things like that, too. Love your post.

Anne said...

Mo, I still follow you; just don't comment all of the time. It's been a tough year for me. BUT I love reading you. I say, that God for your Dyson, becuase your dog is so important....she is a member of the family. If I am lucky....one will find me this year. I am in AZ now....warmer weaher.........come on down anytime. Lovingly, Anne

Midlife Mom said...

I love Lionel Ritchie. Wasn't he with the Commodores originally? I think most of us fail miserably in our Christian walk at times but thankfully there are always new beginnings with God. And grace. I too will cling to the Old Rugged Cross to my last breath! Condensed milk? I agree with Rachel, ick! lol!

Happy New Year Donna!

m.v. said...

I like condensed milk too, especially if you boil it in the can until it turns brown

Pamela said...

I enjoyed reading this.

JustCara said...

10: Please come - I'd love to meet you (I think we might have some real-life friends in common). And if somebody intimidates you, I'll beat them up. ;)

Hollie said...

I enjoyed that....

Paula said...

I wouldn't touch number seven with a ten foot pole.

Christy said...

If it helps..I'm not an only child and the other day noticed I'd lost 2 readers, couldn't figure out WHO, but my numbers went down none the less and it was driving me up the wall to figure out who and why..then today I managed to gain 3 new ones! (Although in my head I'm thinking I should still have those two and why don't I!! ROFL!)