Sunday, December 21, 2008

My weekend so far

My daughter had a really busy week, since it was the grand climax of her company's busy season. To celebrate the end of all that work, I made one of her favorite comfort dishes, potato soup... with corn bread on the side, of course. Her mother-in-law and nephew came visiting from Carthage, so they joined us for dinner (that's the noon meal around here).

Cliff's youngest sister and her husband came Friday night, in order to be in the area for his family Christmas gathering yesterday. They brought their dog, Mindy, and she stayed with us while they went to their gift exchange. She's a well-behaved dog, and she and Sadie, being of similar size, love to frolic and wrestle around the house. Since both dogs are prolific shedders, I shudder to think how much hair we've consumed in our food this weekend... but that's just fiber, right?

Cliff's oldest sister lives next door in our old house. She's working twelve-hour days all weekend, and her mini-Dachshund, Angel, gets lonely; so we bring her over here for two or three hours, a couple times a day.

Then yesterday my oldest granddaughter, Amber, called and asked if was OK to come out and spend the night. She knows she'll get more computer time here than she would at home sharing Internet hours with her mom. She brought her mini-pin, Sophie, who presented me with a Yule log on the floor as soon as she came in the house. It's nice to know that even a dog can get in the spirit of the season. We enjoy our granddaughter and our granddog too, in spite of the occasional accident.

I honestly planned to fix some sort of healthy, low-fat meals today, to make up for the cream in the potato soup yesterday (Cliff's older sister finished off the soup when she got home from her long workday). Unfortunately, I have such a stiff neck I can't turn my head without great pain, so I'm going to plan B: Great Northern Beans cooked with a remnant of our Thanksgiving ham and plenty of onion. With, you guessed it, corn bread on the side.

I'd cook our usual oatmeal or cream-of-wheat for breakfast, but granddaughter Amber really loves pancakes, so I'll cater to her. To go with the pancakes, I have some totally unhealthy, salt-laden sausage ready to cook.

I'll make sure Cliff takes his Lipitor; it's all I can do for his heart in times like these. That, and limit his portions.


Astaryth said...

Sigh! That's the problem with this time of year. I have good intentions... but everyone wants candy and other fattening winter holiday treats.

Anonymous said...


Rachel said...

Thanks for the soup, mom. Good stuff.

Ora said...

I sure hope the hot tub helps that stiff neck...can really put a kink in your cog as they say when something like that is hurting you! take care...Merry Christmas..hugs Ora

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

Glad you worked out that stiff neck with you soak in the hot tub. Too bad you didn't have a Santa hat somewhere that you could have put on. It would have kept you ears warm and the ice out of your hair . Pinto beans are healthy for you and so is cornbread in a way. 'On Ya'-ma

cw2smom said...

No one has commented on the Yule Log from the dog? LOL! Too funny! All that winter comfort food is making me hungry! Hope your neck is better soon! Lisa

Tawnya said...

You are such a great grandma and mom!! I miss my dogs I had to leave them in Florida.... sounds like a family filled day and much fun!!!

Fernan said...

You are back.
I love it.
I liked this journal's entry. You are sounding like your original old self, to me, whom I had so enjoyed before new house and jacuzzi hangout, your hanging out thrills getting in your way. }:^))
PS: You should be ashamed of yourself flaunting yourself as you had in you nice warm hot tube in front of my facing the elements wind force making our newly inaugurated winter's air feel like forty below. ILOL
Season's greetings

loopymamain06 said...

sounds like my thanksgiving, scooby doo the shar-pi mix, the golden retriever, and a poodle,i didn't get any gifts though....., but all the dogs got treats... hope the neck gets better soon

Carlene Noggle said...

How sweet of your grand dawg bringing you a present! lol You are such a sweet person Donna...always doing for others...and man....I can smell those beans now!!! Beans and onions are healthy foods!
love ya,

Rose said...

I laughed so hard about the yule log. That was so funny and unexpected.