Sunday, December 14, 2008

My aging computer

Two years is about as long as a computer has ever lasted me, and this one is six months past that mark. Now that I have air conditioning and a less dusty environment, I expect more mileage from my PC's.

For the last couple of weeks, this Dell has "hung up" ever so often. I wait until it's done sulking, then go back to tending MyFarm on Facebook, or whatever other important task I may be in the middle of.

Yesterday I got the old blue screen of death, only the computer recovered. I turned it back on, and it's working just fine. I went to the Dell website and did some window-shopping until common sense took over, and I realized that before I abandon this old friend, I'd be wise to just take it to a pro for a little tuneup. After all, it does everything I need; I don't need any more bells and whistles. The only way this PC disappoints me is that it won't let me watch full episodes of TV shows I've somehow missed; why did some genius schedule Grey's Anatomy at the same time as CSI, anyhow?

Oh well, I have my laptop for that, and the recliner is more comfy than this office chair, when I'm settling in to view a show that lasts for forty-five minutes.

If this thing should crash permanently during some fatal error, I'm prepared: This time I have an external hard drive with all my cherished pictures and music on it. So at least there won't be tears shed, like in times past.

I'd love to consider a Mac next time I do make a computer purchase, but the price puts me off. I've heard some complaints about Dell lately, so I'll probably end up going to Best Buy and getting something off the shelf there, when a purchase is necessary. Let's hope I don't have to do that for at least six more months.


Leilani Lee said...

I have two Mac Minis that we bought that were never used. Long story. I'll give you a good deal if you are interested. Any possibility you could fix your little "cabin" up as a place for Cliff to sleep during the day?

Fernan said...

OMG. Was a time I used to come home and find my hunt & fish gear on front porch. That was signal enough I was going camping off the wilderness land, off the home premises. There's more than one way to maintain a happy union.

Muhd Imran said...

You are very well prepared for the ultimate "blue screen of death."

All the important info are in your external harddisk... that is very good practice.

Mac is great and dependable. No craches so far since I bought it a year ago, unlike PC... its traditional to see blue and be blue because of that most times.

It just needs some getting used to the Mac environment from a PC. Mac hardware is most reliable I feel, and catered ahead of its time, so there is no need for added bells and whistles in the future. The OS is most stable, definitely.

In fact, you can also load Vista in a Mac to have both operating systems if you cannot leave the PC world just yet.

All you need is Apple's BootCamp program downloadble free off Apple's website and then load your Vista or Windows OS. You then have the option to choose which one to use and switch between them real time. A very good compromise.

The price may turn some people off but worth the hassle and without the frustrations that come with using PC, I think.

I am a Mac convert after using PC for as long as I can remember. Good luck with your old PC. And best of luck with choosing a new one.

PS: I do not get commission from this nor am I a hater of PC. I just hate being frustrated.

Lisa said...

I keep praying my computer will hang in there... at least til I get all of my pictures uploaded to cyber world. Hope yours lasts a good long time as well... I do hate the blue screen of death!! Hugs,

Rose said...

My computer is a 2002 and still runs pretty well. I, too, have everything of importance on an external. It does hang up once in a while but, after I deleted most of the programs that I infrequently used and then did a defrag it has been running quite well. I also took the side off the tower and vacuumed the interior, being careful not to, well you know. I had some of the canned air and gave it a spray of air. There was so much dog hair in there I was shocked the fans could move at all.
Both of my sons have Macs and love them. I have used them and they are great but I just love my computer programs and do not want to start over. Besides, I am of the generation that thinks.....if it works, why get rid of it?

Anne said...

WELL, Doc has a Mac and he doesn't get viruses but he can't get anything that I send him OR anything else people sends him. I think MAC's are over rated. They are definately for left handed people as everything is backwards to a right handed person. I have a SONY and I LOVE IT. ANNE