Thursday, June 21, 2007

drugged horse

Tude, one of the horses boarded here, doesn't take kindly to being shod. So his owner gives him a gentle shot to calm him down for the procedure.

Today, after Tude had his new shoes, Adam gave him some grain. Tude ate the grain, then promptly went to sleep with his nose in the bucket.

Because a still shot didn't seem to do it justice, I took a brief video:


Celeste said...

LOL. That horse needs to be taken to a horseshoeing school. They take all day to shoe them. By the end of the day the horse is totally used to the whole thing.

BarnGoddess said...

haha, reminds me of when the vet was out to clean and check out the Old Guys swollen Sheath from the bean I removed. He was out of it!

Tude, is that short for attitude?

I once knew a horse named Fussy, and omg, his name fit him perfectly.

Midlife Mom said...

Can I get one of those shots for my palomino pony that hits the roof when I get near him with the clippers??? The only time I have really clipped him well is when the vet was here one day and gave him something and then proceded to help me clip him. He would look so much more handsome with all those chin whiskers off and the feathers off the backs of his feet but he won't listen to me, just doesn't care, likes the shabby chic look I guess. Great video!

Brian said...

Is this the high horse everone keeps telling me to get off of?