Saturday, March 10, 2007

Welcome to "the Point"

When we moved to this house in 1975, it came with a little over six acres. A property next door changed hands at some point, and Tim and Barb moved in. When they decided to move, twenty years ago, they informed us of their plans to sell their place. Marvin (who lives there now with his family) had been raised in that particular house and was looking for a place to live; but he didn't want all that land. So we worked out a deal, and Cliff and I expanded our property lines so that we now had over forty acres. Marvin bought Tim's house with the remaining sixteen or so acres.

The property we got in the deal isn't good farmland, although there's enough for pasture, and hay for several animals. Most of it is pretty useless, consisting of ditches that insist on eroding, with banks so steep that most people won't even attempt to descend them. Horses either, unless someone is riding them, making them go.

But the place has one special redeeming feature on which no monetary value can be placed. We call it "the Point", a name I believe Tim gave it when he was the owner. My house may as well be in town, we have so many neighbors crowding around us. But I can go back here and feel like I'm in the country. My cabin is just down the hill to the left of this picture. (Click to enlarge.)

Why the arrow? That's to show you where a bend in the Missouri River is. In my comment section a couple of days ago, I was asked how far it is from my place to the river. You can see it from the Point.

Adam and Jessica intend to have their wedding here, with the river in the background. Of course, it will be prettier then, with leaves on the trees and the pasture greened up.


BarnGoddess said...

you are so lucky!

I love the Mississippi River. The power and immense size of it never fails to amaze me.

I have neighbors trying to crowd kinda close too, North and East of me, luckily all the rest is pasture land where no one wants to live except cattle...for now anyways.

Midlife Mom said...

We buy up all the land around us that we can too. We have about 400 acres now and it is all in the back of our house. In the front I have neighbors nearby but when you look out back it is totally private and you can ride trails for miles. I guess I have the best of both. What do you use the cabin for? Is it your retreat?

Donna said...

Midlife Mom, I like to camp out; my husband doesn't. So I told him I would be happy with a cabin in our woods where I can spend the night with my dog sometimes. He fixed an old shed up for me, and I love it.