Friday, March 09, 2007

Spring approaches, and I'm enjoying life

This curry-comb full of hair shows you that my horse, Blue, is shedding by the handfuls.

After my husband and I took our morning walk, I put a too-big saddle on the filly, Libby, and ponied her beside Blue. Her ears weren't quite as perky as usual with this heavy saddle on her back, but she handled it.

The month-old Jersey heifer, Secret, was soaking up sunshine. It looks like she's going to end up losing about half of each ear as a result of them freezing the night she was born.

Just a big old barn I often ride past.

After riding down a long, long hill, this is where I cross the railroad tracks to the Missouri river bottoms.

Some despicable character chose to dump trash alongside the road.

Getting home from my ride, I found Cliff and a neighbor boy burning off brush and trash around and in our "dumping ditch".
Jessica and Adam keep their two horses here at our place; this horse, Tude, has to be sedated when he's shod. He was a little over-medicated yesterday, so Jessica is holding his head up.

Jessica and Adam plan to have their wedding in our pasture this coming summer, on horseback. Won't that make for some great pictures?

I hear thunder in the distance this morning. Even though that means no horseback riding today, rain would be a good thing. It'll get that pasture greened up and growing.

As usual, I'll remind you to click on any picture to enlarge.


Tonya said...

That curry comb is the best sign of Spring! I'm ready for my guys to not be so woolly boolly anymore.

I'm so envious as it sounds like you get to ride everyday. I wish I could!

I'm praying for rain for all they hay fields!!!!

Munchkin, Missy and Monte said...

Great pictures. Its looking like spring here also. The wedding in the pasture will be beautiful this summer.

Midlife Mom said...

I dread my guys starting to shed because four of them hair out like mad and I really have 6 inches deep of hair on the floor every time after I groom each one of them in the spring. My young horse is blanketed as he just didn't get enough of a coat to keep him warm in this sub zero weather that we have been having. He'll be easy to get spiffed up for summer! When will you start riding the young horse?

BarnGoddess said...

ewwww! I jumped on Scooter bareback the other afternoon for a short ride and I got FULL of hair, even after I curried.

Ijust finally got online now and had to come here and see if youve ben riding.

I love your pictures !

Yours has fast became my favorite blog. I hope I get to come around tomorrow. AOL is making me cranky..

Rebecca said...

I love your pics. I wish I could join you and BG in the peacefulness of your surroundings. Please enjoy them for me.

SeaBird said...

Thanks for your comment at my site :) I've enjoyed looking through your pictures since it's very different frm what we usually see here in Miami!