Sunday, March 25, 2007

Oh Shenandoah.... I long to hear you

Away, you rolling river.
Oh Shenandoah, I long to hear you.
Away, I'm bound away...
Across the wide Missouri.

(as always, click on the picture to see it larger.)


Midlife Mom said...

What a WONDERFUL picture of Blue and the river! You should frame that one. We live on the river too, the Penobscot, so now I am itching to get some pictures there on the horses. Guess I'll have to wait until spring flooding is over though and the rest of the snow is gone. What were you doing wrong with Libby in the round pen? I really think I need a round pen.

toni (in the midst...) said...

What a beautiful photo!

BarnGoddess said...

breathtaking picture! Oh Donna, you ARE so lucky!! gorgeous country to be riding thru on a gorgeous horse. Blue is beautiful.