Thursday, March 22, 2007

All good things come to an end

The face of my little town has changed, lately. Some fellow bought one whole block, and part of another, as a place to set up his business, which is some sort of software/computer-geek enterprise, I hear. He has taken buildings over a century old and put new fronts on them, at times blocking half the road through town with construction.

This could be a good thing for my town, I suppose. Perhaps there will be local jobs to be had. But it's disaster for me.

Why, you ask?

This guy bought my beautician's building, which served as both home and business for her. He paid her such a good price that she's out of the hair business and relocating into a nice, almost-new, roomy house in a bigger town to the south.

Any beautician can handle my hair. It's naturally curly, and all I need is four to six haircuts a year. Cut the same length all over. No problem.

But Connie could squeeze me in at a minute's notice, which is a good thing for someone who puts off making appointments until the last possible moment. And she's only a couple miles away; I've been known to walk there, on nice days.

And the best thing of all, she's fast. She could have my hair cut in ten minutes, flat.

Tuesday, I had Cliff stop by; I was going to see if I could get one last haircut at Connie's. A sign on the door said, "Closed". So I came home and tried to call. The number has been disconnected.

There's another lady with a beauty shop in town, and I suppose she'll get my business. But it isn't going to be the same.

I hate change.


Shaz said...

It's sad to see small buisness' either go under or leave small towns.

I hope this cheers you up . . I've nominated you for a 3 Things Meme over at Us Danes, hope you join in x x

Shaz said...

Hi Donna, No idea why you can't read it but check out for the meme instructions (this was the person who tagged me!) Can't wait to see your answers x x

BarnGoddess said...

damn. The Connies of this world make out lives so much better.

I wish you luck with your new hair stylist.

Change is good but at the same time, it is so hard!

Dee said...

As a fellow curly-haired girl, I completely understand. I haven't been able to find a good hairdresser in years.

Thanks for stopping by my site this morning! :)

Midlife Mom said...

As a former hairdresser I know how hard it is to get someone that knows your hair and then you have to find someone else. I had some of the same clients for 20 years and when I retired they were sure they'd never find anyone else that could do their hair but guess what, they did and they are happy. You'll find someone and hopefully they will be as accomodating as Connie was!