Thursday, March 29, 2007


So this morning, I was reading Confessions of a Pioneer Woman and she had three closeup shots in her entry. She asked her readers to choose a favorite. I didn't like any of them, and told her so in a comment. I did tell her, however, in that comment, that she had inspired me with her close-up pictures of horses' eyes. And left a link with my comment to this entry.

I can't believe that I got at least 80 hits to my journal today straight from Ree's blog.


That's how good her blog is... that many people read her comments; and many of them came here. If you haven't met Ree yet, I strongly advise you to check her out.

That's Ree's Confessions of a Pioneer Woman. In case you didn't catch it in the first line of this entry.

She keeps it real. That's probably why she has about 2,000 readers, and gets, like, 200 comments per entry.

Don't worry about the crummy entry she did today, unless you like reading comments. Because the comments are the best part in this case. (Sorry Ree, I'm only half-way kidding; I never claimed to have the eye of an artist.)


Robbie said...

You mentioned her before and I found her that way. She's quite entertaining. Although, I don't comment there. I rarely comment to any new blogs I read because it's too hard to keep up with them all and I feel bad if I don't.

I saw your entry with all those comments and thought those were all your regular readers and they just thought to all show up on one day. Ha!

Callie Ann said...

I have been reading the pioneer woman for about a month now. It's been very good. Now I am here visiting your site. Came over from Morgen's site. Thanks for sharing. I didn't like her pics either and told her so. She asked didn't she.