Thursday, March 01, 2007

March... like a lion

Indeed, here in Missouri and the rest of the Midwest, March entered like a lion. There were tornadoes within fifty miles of my home, and I saw a few snowflakes this afternoon. The north wind is howling, making drafts throughout this old house. I see by the news that I-29 has been closed, up in Iowa.

Last night we had thunderstorms, and in Kansas City they spoke of flash floods. In fact, there was no regular programming on the local channels here, because the only thing showing seemed to be the weather-guessers, all quite excited by the actions of Mother Nature. Of course, since we have satellite TV, there isn't much television-watching during storms, anyhow.

I didn't get one single horseback ride in this week, when the temperatures were bearable. Part of the reason is timing: The best part of the day seems to be around the time when the granddaughters arrive here from school. In summer, I can take off on Blue as soon as they get on the school bus, and pretty much stay gone as long as my body will allow (the old bones can only take about two hours). But this time of year, it doesn't warm up sufficiently until after 10 AM. I usually start dinner around 11. Ah, but spring IS coming. If there's any truth at all to the seven-day forecast, Monday and Tuesday might be sufficiently warm for a motorcycle ride... and that's another thing that keeps me from riding my horse! But it's fun, so I won't complain about it.

In a month, the morel mushrooms will start popping up, and around that time, I'll be able to spend an occasional night sleeping at my cabin in the woods.


BarnGoddess said...

we had a wild night last night weatherwise! it hailed and stormed in OK, high winds. Not bad at all as far as storms go. Im glad the tornado stayed away from y'all. Those things are awful. I hate hearing about them on the news.

Morel mushrooms are the BEST! we used to pick huge grocery sacks full up in N.MI when I was growing up. 6 years ago, my brother gave me a huge tub of freeze dried morels for Xmas. I brought them home to Oklahoma, when I wanted some..I just soaked them in water for awhile, dried them and sauteed in butter.

I think your cabin is neat!

sarala said...

I wouldn't even know what a morel looked like. I'm just a city girl. I love wilderness but wouldn't know which end of the cow to milk.
March is acting lionish here too. High winds and blowing snow. No tornadoes yet.