Saturday, March 03, 2007

Odds and ends

Last night I was watching one of my favorite TV shows, "The Dog Whisperer". Love that show, and I believe I have a small crush on Cesar Milan.
Anyway. He ended up at the home of someone whose name really rung a bell for me: Michael Damian. When it was mentioned that he'd spent eighteen years with "The Young and the Restless", I realized who he was, and began a trip down memory lane.

I've never been much of a soap opera fan; but at certain periods of my life, I'd get lured into some story line or other, and watch one for a couple of years.

Some twenty years ago, my son and his family were in Germany, and they weren't prospering well there. So my then-daughter-in-law, my two-year-old grandson, and my infant granddaughter, were flown back to the USA and settled in with us.

From 11 AM until 3 PM every day, Kat had the TV turned on, watching soaps. I hated that constant noise, but since I wasn't watching anything during the day myself, I figured it best to leave her alone; after all, she wouldn't be living with me forever.

I took to lying down on the couch at 11 AM, every day, with my grandson, Arick, curled up beside me; and gradually I got to know the characters on Young and Restless, between my little catnaps. And when Kat and kids left a few months later for their own home, I kept watching. I even went so far as to tape episodes when I was working at the orchard. It took at least four years for me to eventually tire of Victor's constant divorces and re-marriages, and all the trumped-up drama of any soap opera.

Danny Romalotti was one of my favorites, back then, sometimes playing guitar and singing what I'd call "soft rock". I hadn't thought about him in years. Thanks for the memory jog, Cesar!

In the weather picture: it's spitting snow, and bitterly cold and windy right now; and tomorrow doesn't look much better. After that, they say it's going to warm up to 50's and 60's, and actually stay there awhile. Spring really
is on its way!

If some miracle should happen with the weather, there's even a chance of a motorcycle trip to Branson on one of the last two weekends of this month. The granddaughters have arrangements made for their care, on days before or after those two weekends, that would allow us a three-day window of opportunity, both times. The miracle we need is decent weather, and a good, clear forecast for said times. Here's hoping!


Phelan said...

Here's hoping! I won't get to take any bike trips for at least another month. :(

BarnGoddess said...

Branson is FUN! I bet its even better seeing it on a motorcycle trip. I hope you get that trip and the weather is perfect for it.

I watched soaps for a few years, mainly when I was preggers w/ son #1 and his 1st year or so. Young and the Restless was one of my favorites. Now I cant stand 2 minutes of ANY soap! I remember Danny too, wasnt he married to the Bell actress who played a lawyer?

Robbie said...

I started watching that show when I was a wee one. My babysitter back then watched it. I kept up with it off and on over the years but stopped about six years ago when I stopped going home for lunch. I remember Danny but I always liked Paul better and ooh Steven Ford the president's son. Yeah! I don't live far from where they shoot the show so I've run into a couple of the people out and about. The current actor who plays Jack (I don't know his name) was at the gas station in line in front of me buying milk a while back. A real cutey in person! Anyhow...I'll shut up now. :-)

Michelle said...

Funny to hear of your soap opera addiction. I could never get into them because of all that trumped up drama as you say. But Cecar Millan! Now there is a show I love . . .I don't get TV here, but I do order his shows via NetFlix on DVD. And we don't even own a dog! LOL