Friday, March 16, 2007

We could have been headed to Branson right now...

Branson, Missouri, is one of those places people either love or hate. I'll admit it's terrible commercialized, but for a cheap getaway, I love it. Especially since we got the motorcycle, because a three-and-a-half-hour bike ride is perfect, really. Most of the way, it's a ride on uncrowded roads.

Motels and resorts are cheap there because they overbuilt, years ago. So if it's nice weather, we can hop on the Gold Wing, head to Arkansas, and enjoy beautiful scenery for only the price of gasoline (yes, I realize that's gotten pretty significant these days, but still...) and about $50 a night for a place to sleep.

Oh, and we love the older country music, fifties through eighties; that's all Cliff listens to on his XM radio. Guess where half the singers from that era live and perform now? Yes, Branson! Here's me with Moe Bandy. I was wearing my George Jones T-shirt that night, and Moe asked me where I'd seen "the Possum".

Anyway: My daughter took time off work to spend spring break (today through Monday) with her daughters, who usually come here after school. This gave us an opportunity for a four-day weekend, and we decided some time back that if it turned out to be good motorcycle weather, we'd go to Branson.

It wasn't to be: the weather guessers say we'll have a high around 50 today and tomorrow, with possible rain tomorrow. Cliff offered to take me in the car, but this time of year I can't see the point. The dogwoods wouldn't be blooming nor the hills turned green. All we'd do would be spend money we should be saving for our trip to Colorado this summer!

The cheapest music shows at Branson cost $25 per person, and my favorite attraction, Dixie Stampede, is over $50 each (but it includes dinner).

Besides, it's just more fun on the Honda.

So we'll wait for another window of opportunity. Meanwhile, I can ride my horse almost any time during this long weekend, which is a wonderful little getaway and costs me nothing. Sunday the temperatures are supposed to be in the 60's, warm enough for an enjoyable motorcycle ride.


BarnGoddess said...

sorry about your Branson weekend :(


I hope you were able to spend a lot of time in the saddle with your best friend Blue!

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