Sunday, March 25, 2007

I'm back

Yes, I did have a successful Shutdown Day, thank you very much.

One of Cliff's aunts and her son were visiting Cliff's brother, so we went over for a brief visit, and ended up eating lunch there. Because it was a lovely day, we went for a motorcycle ride when we got home. Then I worked with Libby in the round pen; Cliff watched, and pointed out some things I was doing wrong.

No day is complete without a ride on Blue, so I spent an hour on back roads with him, and found adventure. Who'd expect to find a firetruck and a cop down on the river bottom where nobody lives? Actually, I was expecting it, since I met an ambulance on the way down.

Jessica was here later to tend to her mare, and she knew about the accident, since she and Adam ride four-wheelers in the river bottoms often, with their friends. She said the injured fellow wasn't too seriously hurt... perhaps broke a hand, and banged up his head some.