Saturday, November 19, 2022

Sunday Stealing

Sunday  Stealing 

What’s your favorite childhood memory?  Christmas, back when I believed in Santa Claus, with all the candy  and fruitcake and nuts around the house, and the smell of a real Christmas tree.

-Do you sing in the shower?  no

-What is the best gift you’ve ever received?  The best gifts I've received were from God, both directly and indirectly.

-Do you prefer being indoors or outdoors?  Outdoors

-Who was the last person you spoke to on the phone?  My husband; he was in the shop when dinner was done and I called to tell him the salmon patties were done.

-What do you keep in your bag or handbag?  Tissues, billfold, Tums, Tylenol, cell phone, pens, checkbook, Blistex, Ludens Wild Cherry cough drops

-Can you knit?  Nope

-How many hours do you sleep each night?  Usually about six

-Who is your role model?  My sister.  Not that I followed her path, but if I had, I'd be a much better person.

-Who was your first ever pen pal?  I never had a pen pal, but I think my grandma was the first person I wrote letters to.

-What has been your favourite job so far?  I've had several jobs I was content at, but the job I enjoyed best was working with three other ladies cleaning up the apple orchard in early spring.  I was outside all day, so I loved it.

-What is your favorite go-to recipe for mid-week meals?  Most any kind of soup, in the winter.

-How often do you eat in a restaurant?   Probably less that once a month, mainly because it's so expensive.  Especially now, with inflation the way it is.  

-Are you close to your family?  Not as much as I used to be

-Which phone app could you not live without?  I mostly just use my phone to talk, but I suppose Facebook would be it, although I usually use my computer at home for that.

-If you could afford to volunteer full time for a charity, which would it be?  My favorite charity is Kansas City Union Mission, so I guess that would be it.  However, I don't drive, so I couldn't get there to help.

-Do you have any siblings?  When my dad married my mom in 1932 he had two children, a boy and a girl, so they are my siblings.  My brother died quite a while ago, and my sister is in her 90's.

-Who is your favourite YouTuber?  I only watch music videos on Youtube

-Have you ever been a bridesmaid or a groomsman?  No, I hate weddings.  When I was 13 or so I was a candle-lighter at a cousin's wedding, but I had just gotten over the flu and needed to cough all through the wedding so much that my eyes were watering the whole time.  Maybe that's why I hate weddings.

I got this from Bev Sykes' Sunday Stealing blog.


  1. I think you are very interesting.

  2. Oh, those Wild Cherry cough drops bring back memories. I always wanted them because to me they tasted like candy. I love soup or chili in the winter.

  3. I needed cough drops today at church but didn't have any!

  4. I love a good bowl of soup - especially in the winter!

  5. I could use some cough drops myself today for some reason. You've had interesting and out-of-the-ordinary jobs.


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