Sunday, September 11, 2016

Remembering the individuals

A fellow set up a website, Project 2,996, in 2006 where he listed all the people who died as a result of acts committed by terrorists in 2001.  Bloggers who wanted to participate were given the name of a victim, with the assignment to search online for everything you could find about the person and then do a blog entry in tribute to him/her.  The object was to concentrate on the person's life, not on how he died.  I took part in this four times on the anniversary of 9/11.  

I checked the site yesterday to see whether any people remained who had not had a blog entry done about them, but in doing so, I discovered that has set up a website that seems to have covered every single person, some stories having much more detail than any of the entries I did for these folks.  So I don't see that the project is necessary any more.  However, I will share links to the tributes I did for four people.

Derek James Statkevicus

Thelma Cuccinello

Christopher Sullivan

Veronique Bowers

Linda C. Lee

I really enjoyed this project, and feel especially good about participating when someone who actually knew the person, or was related, left a comment thanking me for the tribute.  I see no reason to do more tributes now that Legacy has done such a thorough job, but I do like to occasionally provide links to the entries I did over the years.  

The Legacy website:  click HERE.

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  1. What a wonderful project! I love the idea of recognizing and memorializing those who lost their lives.


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