Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Back to my Colorado road trip story

Friday evening of our road trip found us in Gunnison, where a motel room had been reserved.  I didn't see any "no vacancy" signs lit up in town.  We had seen lots of mountain scenery on the way there.  We asked a local about reasonably-priced places to eat in town and got this reply:  "I don't know much about that, I'm too cheap to eat out."  Then she suggested the Old Miner Steakhouse because it had a salad bar.  Which, by the way, is what I had.

We ate one meal at a restaurant each day of our trip, but none the meals were brag-worthy.  I think I'm getting picky in my old age.

It was in Gunnison that I realized we were getting further from home with ever mile traveled, and we really needed to be heading back.  There was a highly-rated museum down the road from our motel that I suggested we see next morning.  I was sure it opened at 8 AM, and we'd get on the road toward home after we did that.  However, the next morning we loaded up by 8 AM and headed out, pulled up at the museum, and found I had mis-read the sign:  It opened at 9.  We didn't wait.

We spent some time at Monarch Pass.

Cliff told me to go right ahead and ride to the top and he would gladly wait for me.

As I was carried up by a tram, I noticed a hardy soul was walking all the way up.  Later at the top, he came up the steps panting from exertion.  

I couldn't even see our car from the top, thanks to the curve of the mountain.

Wow, I could see forever!

On the way back down, I turned and took a picture of the tram going up.  

In the car once again, we were following the same road east that we had traveled coming west.  However, because of the scenery, I didn't find it tedious.  Cliff couldn't believe my next planned stop was at the Colorado State Fair, but he kept most of his thoughts to himself.  I assured him it would be a brief stop.  We didn't attend our own State Fair this year, and I haven't had a nice, greasy corn dog in ages, so this was my chance to get one.  I was also curious to see what their fair was like.  I've only been to three other state fairs:  Missouri, Iowa, and Virginia.  Yes, Virginia.  I have friends who live there, thanks to the Internet.  

 It was fun, watching the kids cool off on a very hot day.

I saw some lovely Jersey cows, and even got to milk one (sort of, since she'd had kids trying to milk her all day and wouldn't "let down" her milk).

I had never seen this setup before!  Looks like fun.

The Iowa State Fair is my favorite of the ones I've visited, but of course my childhood memories would influence that opinion.  My parents and I camped out there on three or four occasions.  I loved it!

That was how we spent that day of making our way toward home.  It looked like we'd be able to route our trip through McPherson, Kansas, and pay my sister a visit.  But first, we needed to find a motel somewhere, because McPherson was too far for Cliff to drive after the day we'd had.  

I'll tell you about Scott City, Kansas in my next entry.  Here's a hint:  Speed trap!


  1. Kids trying to milk her all day. Uhm, isn't that pretty cruel treatment of the cow? I did like the kids in bubbles. I hope you got your greasy corndog & that it was as good as you remembered them to be.

  2. oh oh, speed trap doesn't sound good :-( What could be better than good ole greasy fair food? Mmm! It sure seems so far you are having a good time. Waiting for the next episode. ha! Wendy

  3. Those bubbles look cool! I love state fairs, although I rarely go to our local one since I have spent 60 years in this community. I don't like the crowds or traffic. :)


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