Thursday, September 22, 2016

The Butterfly Fields Pumpkin Patch

I've been wanting to take Cora to visit the Butterfly Fields Pumpkin Patch, south of Odessa, for some time.  Cliff wasn't enthusiastic about it, especially since the three-year-old wasn't really in an agreeable mood today.  

"Shall we go to the pumpkin patch?" I asked her.

"No, I don't want to," answered "the baby" (as Cliff still calls her).  "I want to stay here and play with my kitties."

I showed her pictures of the place on Facebook; she enjoyed looking at them, but still was not convinced she wanted to go there.  Part of the problem, of course, is her age:  Three-year-olds are notoriously stubborn.  Added to that was the fact that her mom had to be at work extra-early this morning, so she didn't get as much sleep as she's used to.  

I wish I could tell you how I finally got her in the car, but I don't recall which tactic of the several I tried actually worked.  Cliff was fairly certain the trip was a mistake, what with the kid's negative attitude.  I assured him it would be fine.  I knew that on a weekday morning when kids are in school, we'd likely be the only customers there.  That may have been for the best, because I doubt the kid was in the mood for sharing.  

We got out of the car, met the couple who own the place, and paid them ($5 for kids, $2 for adults).  Cora seemed to especially like Terrie:  During our visit she kept slipping away to talk to her. 

What kid wouldn't love to play in a big ole bin full of corn?  I got in with her and we buried our feet, as well as most of the toys in sight.

Right after I joined her, the neighbor's dog decided it looked like fun and hopped right in.

Later on, Terrie, Cora's new best friend, joined her in the corn.

Cora enjoyed climbing up on this huge stack of straw to slide down the tunnel.

My knees didn't much like the climb, but I managed.

Even before we started, our stubborn little girl insisted she did NOT want to go on a hay ride.  After enjoying all the other stuff, she still had no use for a hay ride.  So I told her that in that case, we'd go home.

"I want to go on the hay ride," she said.  (I know a little child psychology.  Ha!)

Of course, she rides on tractors and four-wheelers all the time, so this isn't as much a novelty as it would be to city kids.  She did, however, enjoy this adventure in spite of her original refusal.  Jeff, our driver, told stories of dragons and fairies and dwarfs and queens as he drove.  It was all a little over Cora's head, but she was content, and Cliff and I enjoyed it.  

She especially enjoyed choosing just the right pumpkin!  She would pick one up, change her mind, get another.  Finally she found the perfect one... good times!

After our ride, she and I went through the hay maze.  There was a lot more to it that you'd think, just looking from the outside.  

Cliff and Jeff spent some time talking.  Cora checked in on them.

She sat on the cornstalk horse.

Window shopping in Terrie's little shop

We went home, had some lunch, and then...

This bunch wears out fast.



  1. Great post Donna! I enjoyed it thoroughly. What a sweet pumpkin patch. The nappers were adorable.haha

  2. So happy it turned out well for all of you! Looks like a fun time! Even the naps look nice :-) The pictures of the 3 of you are wonderful. Wendy

  3. So glad you talked them into going...,,

  4. YOU are a fun babysitter.

  5. You all had a good day Donna!


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