Friday, September 30, 2016

A nice morning walk

Last spring when I found out an occasional walk in the woods didn't hurt my knees too badly as long as I took my time, I intended to continue walking once or twice a week as long as I'm able.  
I forgot to factor in heat, humidity, and mosquitoes.  

This morning, though, was crisp and bright.  The grass glistened with dew, and there was a light breeze blowing that would likely keep mosquitoes from being a bother, so I went out.  I grabbed the walking stick I bought at a tractor show this summer, a jacket, and my camera and sauntered away from all connections with Internet and electronic gadgets.  

Cora's mom's two mares followed me closely at first.

They were really staying close, but got bored with the game before long.

I ventured out a few days ago, but the mosquitoes were so bad and the weeds were tall, so I didn't get far.  As you can see here, Cliff mowed the path for me since then.

Isn't it strange how some of the ugliest weeds have the prettiest blooms?

What's this in the middle of my walking path?  I'll never tell.

Did you ever feel as though you're being watched?

Looks like somebody has a plan for deer season.

When Cliff and I used to walk daily, Mama Kitty went with us.  Never underfoot, but she'd trail along at a distance in all seasons.  I was very pleased this morning to see that she hadn't forgotten.  She didn't go all the way with me, but I had her company for half the trip. 

I encountered no mosquitoes, but plenty of spiders had spun their webs all the way across the walking path.  I used my trusty walking stick to tear down the webs ahead of me.

Back at the house I had to pull a lot of stick-tights off my jeans below the knee due to one section of the trail not being mowed.

Which got me thinking about how some old folks used to call stick-tights "beggar lice", a most peculiar thing to call part of a plant.  



  1. So glad you shared the walk with us. I too have a walking stick and use it to when I don't have to walk very far at all. Surely does help!

  2. There is nothing more refreshing and invigorating on the body and mind than a walk in crisp autumn weather. I need to get out and do more of them!

  3. How nice that you were able to get out and enjoy a walk again. That was good of Cliff to mow the trail for you. It's always good to get out and forget about things and just enjoy nature for a bit. Wendy

  4. If mares joined me, I am positive I would walk a whole lot more often, even if they got bored with me along the way, I doubt I would get bored with them as walking companions.


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