Thursday, October 18, 2012

Cow-shopping, half-heartedly

Now that we have a bull and a barnful of hay, we have room for another cow.  Silly as it sounds, I would like another Jersey.  I don't need the milk, obviously, but I really like the beef from a ten-month-old calf that has been on a milk and grass diet all it's life.  No, we don't need the beef, but I know people who do.  
OK, I admit it, I just want another pretty Jersey and this is a good excuse to get one.  And I'm sure the bull would be happy with another member in his harem.
So this week Cliff has kindly taken me to look at some Craigslist cows.  
Tuesday we went to a farm near Excelsior Springs and saw a pretty little registered cow named Gertrude.  
They wanted $1,200 for her.  If you go to the ad, they tell a long story about why she wasn't bred sooner.  She doesn't give a huge amount of milk, but she is young and will give more next time.  I paid more that that for Bonnie, but I was really desperate for a Jersey cow then, and she was within a couple months of calving.  This cow won't calve until March.  
One thing that surprises me about these folks:  They have a sign at their driveway that says "Raw Milk for sale".  They also advertise raw milk on Craigslist.  I would be very surprised if someone doesn't shut them down, since the government is cracking down on sales of raw milk.    
Today we went about sixty miles north, on the other side of Carrolton, through a tiny town named Miami.    
I told Cliff that when I talked to the guy on the phone, he sounded like a trader; he just had that line of B.S. that you expect from a trader.  I was right, but I could never have imagined anybody being a livestock trader in such a big way.  
He had cows running all over that place.  He has no regular job, but goes to sales all over the state and buys the leftovers that nobody wants.  If they're skinny he tries to fatten them up a little.  From the looks of his vehicles and the work he is doing on the place, he makes a very good living.  He also had goats, sheep, chickens, and other assorted livestock.  His cell phone was ringing constantly... people calling about his various ads on Craigslist.  
The cows were mediocre, his prices were high, and he knew very little about the cows, since they hadn't been there long.  No thanks.    
There is one good-looking heifer in Kansas City, Kansas, that I wouldn't mind seeing, but I'm getting pretty tired of making Cliff run all over the country on wild-goose chases.


  1. With anything I always figure if it is meant to be it will happen. Hope you find the one you want.

  2. I would take you to KCK. Just a thought. Of course, I'd rather not haul a cow in my new car, but the offer stands.


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