Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Things that make me go "hmmm".

I don't know when I added the little buttons that show up at the bottom of each and every entry I put on this blog, but I do know I am the one that added them; they didn't show up miraculously by themselves.  I suppose I added them thinking one day I'd do an entry that would be so thought-provoking, so loaded with wisdom, that somebody would want to share it with all her friends.  The buttons make sharing easy, and of course I want the world to have a chance to sample my vast knowledge.  Right.

Yeah, these little buttons.  I took this screenshot at the bottom of yesterday's entry.  You can scroll down and see it for yourself, if you like.  Bottom left-hand side.  
My entry yesterday was quite humdrum, nothing remarkable in it at all.  It was about Cliff waxing a car, for heaven's sake, with the usual picture of my dog thrown in.  
As you can see, seven people shared that on Facebook, and one person tweeted it.  
Now, I sometimes share something on Facebook that I've read on a blog, but usually there is something special about what I'm sharing.  A lady has cancer, for instance, and is showing extreme courage in her writings.  Or somebody reflects on how proud he is of his child, and why.  I'll share that.  And of course a blog post that makes me laugh out loud is worth sharing, because we need all the laughs we can get as we journey toward the grave.  
But an entry about a guy waxing his car?  Seriously?  You have Facebook friends who would be interested in this?    
So, because I'm retired and have plenty of time to ponder such things, I inspect each line of the shared entry closely in hopes I'll figure out why people share a particular entry of mine on Facebook or Twitter.  
Did I perhaps make an embarrassing typo?    
Maybe some guy was amazed at how neat and clean Cliff keeps his shop, because people do remark on that a lot.  That might make it worth sharing.  
Maybe one of my female readers wanted to let her husband know that it is possible to have such an orderly shop, so she put it on his wall with a note that says, "Here, dummy.  Look at this and then go clean up your shop."  
Perhaps they tweeted it with a note added that says something like this:  "Can you believe some idiot woman is wasting my time blogging about her husband waxing his car?  Check it out!"
The next entry down the page has five Facebook shares.  It's where I'm talking about the weather.  THE WEATHER!  
So.  If you are one of those who shared one of those entries on Facebook or "tweeted" them, I'd like an explanation.  Because I'm curious like that.  

*added later:  Somebody already tweeted THIS entry, and didn't take the time to tell me why.  


  1. Anonymous6:47 AM

    LOL not me. I don't share many of my thoughts let alone anyone else's


  2. Anonymous7:45 AM

    Donna, I am just guessing, but I think it is because of that product Cliff uses on his cars. Many guys are in that endless search for such a shiny finish! Just guessing. It wasn't me, lol, cause I don't want my husband to spend that much on car polish! Karen

  3. Curiousity gets the best of us, doesn't it? I agree with Karen... I think they were interested in that GLARE polish. At $35 for 12 ounces, it's something to consider before buying. You and Cliff provided a link to it and a testimonial. You did the same thing with the hair remover glove and the FURMINATOR. Probably why they shared it on Facebook. On the other hand it could just be your charming photos and interesting lives. That's why I tune in.

  4. I don't know! You may have clicked some boxes when you set up your blog, allowing it to be shared. I don't even share my own blog! (how can I complain about my SIL if I do that) ;)

  5. Here's my thought process when I read the entry on the car polish:
    "car polish.....tidy shop.....DOGGIE BY THE WOODSTOVE! CUUUTE!"

    You know where my interests lie....heh...


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