Thursday, December 29, 2011


A very annoying local man with whom I've had dealings before came to us the other day, scouting out walnut trees for a logging crew to harvest.  Cliff talked to him about it, which is a good thing, because I usually end up angry after the guy says a couple of sentences.  
Anyway.  Cliff and I agreed that at our age, we could use the money more than we need the walnut trees.    
Those guys arrived before 8 A.M.  

I told them I'd be taking some pictures.  However, they started down at the bottom of our property, and I wasn't about to hike down there.  Cliff and I ate dinner at 11 and then went for a motorcycle ride, our first since the first half of October.  

Oh, we did see a little action first.  Take a look at my header picture, for example.  

It was exciting to see all that action taking place on our property.  

That guy dragged them all to the top of the hill and lined them up like so many lincoln logs.  As I type this, there are twelve laying there side by side.  There are more lined up in other places on the property.  
I'll have more to tell you tomorrow.  


  1. When those guys are finished on your property, send them over to my place. I'd like them to move some of my neighbors......

  2. Lindie6:44 PM

    Years ago there was a 200 acre area close to 50 hiway off Z The walnut trees of any decent size were all logged off of it. My husband and a friend went in and cleaned up after them. We had so much walnut wood and kindling for years!

  3. I LOVE walnuts. Couldn't you harvest them? Probably worth more, cut down. I don't blame you for pocketing a little extra cash. I could use some of that heavy machinery around here to clean up. LOL Take care. PS. No MORE info on you and the sign?

  4. Well, that will be some good money. Assuming you get your money. Sorry, I had to bring that up.


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